How to reduce tracks volume

Hello guys, i need to reduce the tracks volume, but i don’t know how. So i tried to use the gain option in “region” menù, but when i click on “reduce gain” it doesn’t work.
Now how can i do to change gain in my tracks/regions?
Thank you in advance

To change the volume of a track, use its fader (the up-and-down slider like thing) in the mixer.

To change the volume of a region, use the Edit and Draw tools to modify the per-region gain envelope.

There’s also a small input gain trim rotary control at the top of the channel strip.

used the gain control at the top of channel strip and the track fader, but when I redererd the progect, the volume still high.
So i don’t understand where is the problem… Can you help me again?

So i think that there are something to setting, to render correctly the project with my gain changes. Help please :wink:

How are you exporting?


I select “Session” ( in the menu bar), after that i choose “export” and “export to audio file”.

Do the levels on the track meter and the master meters look sensible during playback?
Is it the whole mix that’s too loud, only after exporting? If so, perhaps your export preset includes “normalize”?
May be a silly answer, but it’s difficult to understand what the problem is.

Sorry but i don’t understand what you mean… Is there a solution, to save the track with volume changes?? I think that Ardour export the track with default settings and the volume to the maximum level. I don’t konw why… Help me please :wink:


The problem is that you are describing something that is completely not expected behavior, and something that every time someone has reported it comes down to user error. The other half of the issue is that sadly it can be any number of things causing it, ranging from the routing of the track being incorrect, the export settings being incorrect etc.

Lets start with a screenshot of the export dialog just before you hit export. Can you post that up?


rikithz93 user adotm already gave you the answer, but it seems that you didn’t understand it. Are you knew to multitrack editors ? If so you might not understand the concetps yet and need to do some work to understand the basics. You can start by searching youtube for videos demoing mixing in Ardour.

There are many ways to change volume in Ardour and yes most of these will affect the exported audio.

The first things in multitrack editing you need to get grasp of are:

  • Regions. A region is the part of a physical audio file that is shown on a audio track. A region can be shorter than the physical file and only the part that is shown plays.
  • Tracks. A track is where you put your audio regions on. Each track has a volume slider at left side of the track. Dragging the volume slider makes regions on the track play louder or softer.
  • Track Volume Automation. This lets you write volume changes on a track. This will affect the playback volume of regions on the track.
  • Region Gain. With this you can write volume changes to a region that only affects that regions. Region volume and track volume both affect the final playback volume of a region.
  • Mouse Tools. There are several things you can do to regions / automation and each one has a different mouse tool for it. You click on the mouse tool symbol on the left top part of Ardour edit - window to change the tool that is active. There are different tools to edit / draw automation and trim / move regions for example.
  • Editor Window. This is the window where you edit regions and automation.
  • Mixer Window. This is where you put audio processing plugins on a track. You can for example put a reverb plugin on a track, and it will add reverberation to regions playing on the track.

Just to get you started here is a video on youtube that explains track volume automation.

Also read through the Ardour manual. It is not yet complete, but is helpful in many cases.

Also don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand a concept or how something is supposed to be done in Ardour. You need to give us detailed information of what you want to do and what you tried already that didn’t work. The more information you give the greater the possibility is that we can help you. If we don’t understand what you are trying to do we can’t help you.

I think rikithz93 may be asking the wrong question, and this is not about a track but about the exported audio.
Try this:
In the export dialog, click on “Edit” in the “Format” line. At the top, if the “Normalize” box is ticked, clear it.
Then run the export again and listen to the exported audio file.

Ok I uploaded the export window Screenshot here, you can see their in the following links:
(@mhartzel thank you very much for your help)

rikithz93 I noticed that on the screenshot you sent you have one track only and the volume slider on that track is set to maximum. This will increase the volume by +12 dB. Reset the track volume by keeping shift key pressed on the keyboard and click on the track volume slider. This will reset track volume to 0 dB. Look at this picture to find the track volume slider:

The other thing that affects your export volume is that you have normalization on. This will increase volume as much as it can without distorting the signal. Do as anahata said and take normalization off your export setting. Click on the Edit - button on the export window, see picture:

Then you see all the settings that affects how your audio is exported. Click off the check mark on front of “Normalize”, see picture:


Ok a couple of things…

1st, in that screenshot you have the fader on the track named ‘audio’ boosted all the way to the top, which adds 6dB of gain to the signal. This will likely cause clipping if the track was already normalized or strong, and while I can’t see your audio on the track to get a feel for it, judging by what I see of the meters it seems like this may be the case, and when you say it is to loud I wonder if you mean it is clipping as a result. Lower the fader on the track, you can find it in the track header (The horizontal bar) and bring that back down to the white line in the bar (Or even lower as appropriate).
2nd, you are exporting directly out of the track, which is not likely to be what you want though in this case may not make much of a difference. Instead of selecting the track named ‘audio’ in that third tab, select the track named ‘master’

See if either of these help you?


Just a correction the track volume slider increases volume by 6 dBs, not 12 :slight_smile:

For the record mhartzel’s suggestion encompasses my first point as well. He was a bit quicker than me on the response though.


Yea I was thinking it was only 6, but that is likely me mis-remembering as I don’t have it open in front of me and I work across so many different audio tools these days I may be thinking of something else.


seablade: I corrected myself saying the volume increase is 12 dBs when it in fact in Ardour it is 6. I remembered the 12 from Pro Tools :slight_smile:

Ahha I was correct!

Seablade - 1
Internets - one hundred milli… ahh why bother:)