How to install LV2 Plugins

I have calf plugins in
but Ardour can’t see it.

Well personally I wouldn’t recommend CALF plugins.

What have you tried, how have you determined Ardour does not see the plugin? Is there any output on the log?


simply they are not visible in plugins manager.

Why don’t you recomend Calf plugins? I used to think they are very well tools(?)
Thanks for answer

Have you restarted Ardour after installing them? Ardour detects LV2 plugins at application start.

Also run lv2ls in a terminal. That lists IDs of all installed LV2 plugins. That may help to track things down.

Because not only are they are unreliable, but they cause various audible artifacts: zipper-noise, phasing issue, clipping. Furthermore the GUI shows things that do not match what happens.

They may still be useful in certain cases, just be aware of the issues.

Ever increasing list of references to backup those claims:

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Oh, ok. Nice to know. But is there any good alternative in LV2 format?
I especially need a comfortable SF2 player as well as channel and mastering tools.

Ardour comes with one. ACE-Fluidsynth

That’s too generic to provide suggestions.

For free-software (EQ, compressor, limiter, convolver/reverb) have a look at e.g.

Those are packaged on most GNU/Linux distros, too. If you don’t mind commercial/proprietary software: offers Linux versions, Mixbus Plugins - Music Recording Software for Audio Post Production - Harrison Audio Consoles offers also LV2 and there are more…

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I think this should be documented in the “Getting More Plugins” section of the manual. I will submit a PR if someone confirms that PRs to GitHub - Ardour/manual: Mirror of the Ardour manual will be reviewed.

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