Decrease db with automation for a lowshelf

This has probably been answered before but I couldn’t find it. For some parts of my recording there is too much bass. I need to be able to decrease over time the db from 0 to -22 for a lowshelf (using Calf 5 band eq)) set at 36.3 Hz and the first parametric to -13 with the frequency set at 59Hz and bring them back up. The problem is the automation line only goes from 0db up. How can I go down? I can’t just turn on and off the bypass button, and I don’t see how I could otherwise increase and decrease the plugin over time.
Thanks for the help,

I highly recommend to use an EQ other than calf, especially if you need to automate it. Calf’s EQ is not de-zippered and automating it introduces artifacts.

e.g. you can see the signal level jump at block-size increments:

Try EQ10Q or x42-eq or perhaps a-eq (comes with ardour). Does it have to be a shelf for the 36Hz cut? Perhaps a high-pass is more appropriate.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will give them a try. I had already tried the Ardour Team eq, using the same basic calf settings, but somehow it seemed I hit it better with Calf this time. I will write again when I have more info. Ciao,

Well, it worked very well with the x42-eq, easy to make the automation. Thanks for the help!