how to add Plug- ins to ardour on linux?

i do not know what i have to do or where to begin(i know it should be a very easy task for a lot of people but is not my case) ,
for example how do i add LV2 plug-ins manualy like the distrho plug ins or the pianoteq one .

See the Tutorial manual, specifically the chapter on using plugins. Links on the Support page.

It worked thanks, cant wait for ardour 3

happy recording :- )

Thank you very much guys i didn’t answer because i was out of town , i’ll give it a try in the morning and see what happens.

For manual installation of lv2 plugins, extract them to your system /usr/lib/lv2 folder if using debian or ubuntu. Try whereis lv2 in a terminal to check the location for your distro. The “distrho” ones have vst,standalone and lv2, so make sure you just extract the folders inside of the lv2 folder for each. Kxstudio have some ppa’s for ubuntu @

Each lv2 plugin is normally a ‘bundle’ - actually just a folder, normally called some-plugin-name.lv2 you put this (and its contents) into your system /usr/lib/lv2 (or your local /home/your-user-name/.lv2) folder. So, inside your /usr/lib/lv2 folder you might find:

Plugins such as pianoteq or other linuxVST plugins normally come as a single file, called This is a shared library (shared object) similar to a Windows .dll e.g. my-great-super-awesome-WindowsVST.dll

You need to put this file in you linuxVST folder (the location depends on which host application you use, for Ardour3 it would be /usr/lib/lxvst (unless it’s been changed in more recent versions)

you may need to be root (admin) in order to copy files to your system folders, from the command line, you can use something like:

sudo cp -r my-new-lv2-plugin.lv2 /usr/lib/lv2

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