How does ardour 7.2 run on Linux

I’m using ardour 7.2 and mixbus v8.1/8.2 but I noticed some issues both of these apps have on my Mac OS and I’m wondering how linux users are doing. I always had very good performance using ardour and mixbus on Linux then I did on Mac etc.

I find the newer versions have issues with editor section performance, it’s slower when I have tracks added to a session and zooming in and out of audio regions is slower compared to a empty session or. Previous version of the program. Can any Linux users confirm if they have this issue on 7.2
Also how is the performance in the mixer window.

I do want have a Linux setup again one day. Tired of having certain issues with Mac, not just with ardour but other things I have to deal with using a Mac.

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Try ardour with some Linux !
I never had/will have anything to do with products from Cupertino.
I run ardour on Ubuntu 20.04 on several computers, works fine and reliable.
Ardour (as any program) has its errors inside, but bugs are fixed very fast.

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An experiment with Ardour 7.2.74 Nightly. Ubuntu 22.04.1. Here are 50 MIDI regions with 8bars long. They were duplicated into 50 tracks. A boring video of the test:

The duplication was made by 5 tracks and the time (of duplication) was increased in such way:
5+5=10 tracks ~25sec
10+5=15 tracks ~30sec
15+5=20 tracks ~30sec
20+5=25 tracks ~37sec
25+5=30 tracks ~50sec
30+5=35 tracks ~60sec
35+5=40 tracks ~75sec
40+5=45 tracks ~90sec
45+5=50 tracks ~115sec

The used memory by Ardour GUI was increased from 0.4 up to 3 Gb.

Very big amount of the vertical mouse scroll lagging when number of tracks become more than 25-30.

But horizontal Ctrl+Mouse-scroll & Shift+Mouse-scroll - works well even with 50 tracks!

Z & Shift+Z & F1, F2… combinations works perfectly good with 50 tracks!! :hotsprings:

For me there is editor lag when dragging and scrolling, but I’m using Mac OS, I was also interested to i see what your could expect when using Linux. Thanks for your post.

Also do you find you have better performance on ardour 7.0 or when version 6.

O. It’s a new task for test! :)). May be I’ll make a more extended test.

Yes that’s could be good! I’ve already had done a 6.9 testing here:

but (compared to the current 7.2) - it’s now not a pure/actual/equivalent experiment. That time it was Ubuntu 20.04 and my MIDI region had another amount of notes.

Resuming things:

  1. We need to use the same Midi regions for the experiment.
  2. Test Ardour 6.9, 7.0, 7.2
  3. Add a regions drag testing to the experiment.
  4. Make the same in the Mac OS & Linux.

///May be///

Also I don’t know really how Ardour uses a video card: for example which parameters/drivers must be payed attention…

It’s weird cause when I use ardour there is like no GPU usage from the app until I use a plugin that has a gui

Oops I meant if you find the performance is better in version 7 then it was on version 6

Yes, I think Ardour doesn’t use GPU. But may be some parameters of the internal video card has influence on the GUI actions speed… I don’t know how to check my internal card parameters yet/

Comparing the two experiments, that I’ve already done in videos - I must tell the copying behavior in Ardour 6.9 is faster than in 7.2 - BUT again, I need a pure experiment: to install Ardour 6.9 and test with the same MIDI regions. May be I’ll do^_:)))

Thanks, I hope ardour doesn’t get slower moving forward.

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