MIDI overload test

Hello, everybody!
Experimenting with Ctrl+F1 & Z focus combination, I’ve found some flickering hanging effect dealing with a large number of midi tracks with many notes. I’ve decided to make some separate experiment with the midi tracks limit.
Of coarse, I’m not a professional tester, I’ve made my one approach… I’ve started some stopwatch (through the “conky monitor” GitHub - brndnmtthws/conky: Light-weight system monitor for X.) and started an ubuntu’s system monitor.
Step by step I’ve made midi tracks by +5number through the copying of previous. The time for copying was increased with the new step and also when number of tracks became about 15-20 - the mouse scrolling began noticeably flickering.

Here’s the test result of copying midi regions to new tracks (5 tracks by one operation):
5+5=10 tracks ~5sec
10+5=15 tracks ~8sec
15+5=20 tracks ~13sec
20+5=25 tracks ~16sec
25+5=30 tracks ~22sec
30+5=35 tracks ~26sec
35+5=40 tracks ~31sec
40+5=45 tracks ~47sec
45+5=50 tracks ~51sec

I’ve stopped an experiment in 50 number of tracks. Scrolling at the end became really hanging///
But the Ctrl+F(1/2/3/4) & Z combination worked steel quickly! :hotsprings:

If somebody could test the session file, I’ve made - here’s a link to .zip:

I think we could make some objective testing сonclusions about midi overloading limitations!:sunglasses:

My notebook’s OS (Ubuntu 20.04.3) parameters:

Boring testing video:

ooo !:alien:

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