How do I Trigger Samples to emphasize drum-kit recordings?

I have some 10-year-old drum recordings that are only in summed stereo. In other words, they’re basically just drum stems.

Because I do not have the separate mic recordings to edit, getting these particular drum recordings to sound excellent is quite (-understatement-) difficult. Thus of course at this point I am considering re-recording everything more ‘properly’, and editing from there…

However, in the meantime I would like to mess around with a bit of sample triggering to see if that will provide enough additional ‘power’ to satisfy this particular project.

I have some pure snare and kick-drum hits (of my own recording) that I would like to use as the samples, blending them into the original stereo tracks.

So anyway, what is the most basic or straightforward way to trigger samples in my particular context?


This will help:


This link may also help with the snare and cymbals.
I would try using the ACE filter on the audio to narrow in on the snare, hats, or cymbals. Then run this script talked about here:

There also may be free plug ins that do something similar.

EDIT: You may also want to use an EQ to accentuate the instrument after filtering.

EDIT: I had to add a LOT of compression to the drums, and crank the gain, to get the MIDI notes to show up. It may take some tweaking with the filters and the compressor, but I was able to get a rythmic MIDI pattern that can be modified to trigger the proper drum samples. I applied some pitch shifting to bring out some of the other rhythm percussion that may have been out of range.

You can also use different filtering and phase reversal combos to narrow down the desired percussion instrument to get a better midi trigger.


Hey, thank you so much for your input!
I am FINALLY back to working on this…

Robin’s plugin will indeed get me going! :+1:
However, I don’t yet have a means of assigning a sample to a midi note.
What is the simplest plugin and/or method for doing this?

Apple’s Garageband is basically trash, but it does contain this rather useful feature I’d like to highlight:

-Super simple. -No plugins involved.
Is it possible in Ardour to do a similar sample-to-note assignment without using a plugin?

Thanks for any more info., anyone!

No, that requires a sample player plugin (Garageband does this in the background for you to keep it simple, but it also limits what it can do).