From audio to midi

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to convert an audio track into a midi one ?AAfter recording something from my midi keyboard I would like to be able to modify the notes. I’ve seen this on Ableton so I’m curious.

To do so the audio has to be analyzed and the notes that were played have to be transcribed as MIDI.
In particular for polyphonic audio, this is usually an offline process (not realtime, live processing).

In the free/libre software universe: Sonic Visualizer and Vamp Plugins are the go-to solution.

Ardour 5.12 comes with a Lua script to use a Vamp plugin and run analysis, it’s still somewhat cumbersome, and results vary depending on the source material…


This script works really well; accuracy is way beyond the way I was doing it before this (gxtuner).
Thanks Robin

Thank you that was really helpful!