Fully Customizable GIMP Template for Mackie MCU

I made this a separate post in case anyone has questions specifically about using this template.

This is a fully customizable template I created for printing MCU overlays.

  • Each section has it’s own layer group, all text items are on individual layers.
  • The User Preset Labels group has a folder in it for you to place your own F-key labels
  • User presets have color coded indicators for modifier keys

Everything has it’s own layer (except Display section which is background) so you can hide/modify any item on the layout. There are preset guides in place to aid in centering user presets.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to set print WIDTH to 7.17, HEIGHT to 7.192 in your print driver dialog and make sure any auto scaling is off.

Template is HERE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yVCpgTA-YAPh6nH1bnsAQBgFY-m4EDe8/view?usp=sharing

Wow!, That looks nice. However, when I tried to open it with either Gimp or Krita, I get a message that the format is too new. So those who use LTS (long term support) versions of Gimp will not be able to use it. That probably means xcf is not the best file format for distribution. I am not sure what is though. My first thought is PDF, but getting sizing right at the end may be hard. svg is nice too. I am really not sure what is best. Of course this problem may vanish next year with new LTS.

Hmmmm, yep I did this in 2.10. I will see if I can come up with version compatible with 2.8.

Edit: Anyone using GIMP 2.8 please try this version -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ksPtwnlSPRXpJjhNaxlbkj744wwxJ3Cz/view?usp=sharing

That version works fine, I get a thumbnail in the file browser and can open the file fine in Gimp as well.