Force the Audio/MIDI setup window

Hi all, do I force the appearance of the Audio/MIDI Setup dialog box on Ardour startup? - sometimes it shows it - sometimes it doesn’t, but I want to test some of the options and I don’t know how to force it to appear every time. TIA

Ubuntu Studio 17.04, Ardour 5.8

The only condition under which it does not show up is if you (a) previously selected JACK for the audio backend AND JACK is already running. The reasoning is that you have already configured and started JACK so there is no reason to do so again.

Under all other conditions, it should appear automaticallly.

Good one - sorted now - much appreciated.

I have a setup that I would like to be able to run headless so I created a script that launches Ardour with a specific session. However, the Audio/ MIDI setup window pops up first…

Can I make sure that it doesn’t pop up? I’m using ALSA with a PreSonus USB audio card…

Please advise and thanks ahead!