File compression other than "*.ardour-session-archive"


I would like to create an archive from Ardour 8.2 in MS-Windows. However, I cannot change the file extension to tgz even though 7-Zip is installed. There is no offer at all to select a file compression other than “*.ardour-session-archive”. In AV-MX 21.3 I cannot open a file with this extension. How can I manage the assignment of the archiving program in Ardour?
Many thanks for the solution!

You can’t change it :

It’s actually a tar.xz file, according to Robin’s post, so if you want to unpack it you should be able to run
xzcat FILENAME.ardour-session-archive | tar -xf -
from a terminal window in AVL

Or add .tar.xz to the end of the file name; then your file manager should know how to handle it.

Very nice, that works perfectly!

Thank you