Ardour archive format

To archive a session, I use Session > Archive…

According to the docs I should be able to choose between archive formats. But I get only one choice: ardour-session-archive.
Shouldn’t there be alternatives like tar.gz and zip?

BTW, with 8.4 it finally works on one of my problematic sessions, see Archive fails with no clues .

I see the same thing. I tried to tar the resulting .ardour-session-archive outside of Ardour and the size of the .tar.gz was the same as the archive. Same with .zip compression. I suspect the archive tool automatically applies all the compression that is needed/possible.

Which documentation states that? We need to correct it.

Session archives have always been using the tar file format.

It shows archive format .tar.xz and mentions the possibility to choose between archive formats:

Ardour8 shows .ardour-session-archive (with no other choices).

And The Zip/Archive Current Session tool is located in the File > Archive… menu.
should be changed to Session > Archive , unless it’s called “File” on Windows and/or Mac

Thanks. I’ll ask @prokoudine to fix the documentation.

There never was a choice, during early development we discussed various options, and I added a dropdown for future use.

I’m sorry for the confusion that brought about.
In next version of Ardour it’s a Label. I should have done this years ago.

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No problem, it just took me 1.5 seconds to find out what kind of file .ardour-session-archive is☺.
Turning the dropdown into a label is fine. But I would suggest documenting somewhere that the archive format is an LZMA compressed tar archive.