Field Recordings

I’ve had an interesting morning clicking around the forum, and it’s been great to see so much good quality music made in all different types of genres from around the world. I love the way open projects like Ardour build community. Well done everyone!

I’d like to throw my latest efforts into the collection.
Field Recordings is a collection of tracks built around captured sound from the world around us.

The field recordings were recorded in the Bradford district (UK), and via Locus Sonus in Kalkata, India and Chichibu, Japan.

There are full details and credits to software, plugins, and contributors, on the Bandcamp page

Ardour 6 is at the heart of it of course.

There’s a good discussion on the forum about making your own field recordings but I simply used a phone for my local recordings.

I’m not aware of much else like this on this forum, but I did find this (no music) from 2012: Death Zone: Field Recording Collage made with Ardour

And check out Locus Sonus - It’s another amazing project that lets you listen to sounds from around the world in real time.

Any feedback, good or bad, is welcome.

There is now a second, follow up album Field Recordings Volume Two available.

These are musical tracks, but they also blend captured sound. Having said that, this album is slightly more experimental than the first ( Field Recordings )

One of the tracks has a video: Ardrossan - which has also been added to the Coastal Knowledge map of Scotland

Again, Ardour was the main tool used to create all of these tracks. All the plugin creators are credited against the tracks on the release itself in Bandcamp. I can’t thank all the developers, tutorial makers, documenters etc enough for all of this. I do think the effort is really quite remarkable - it makes making music so much fun!

If anyone has any feedback, that would be great. If anyone has questions about how the tracks have been created, I’m more than happy to answer them.