Death Zone: Field Recording Collage made with Ardour

Hi there,

so here’s the DrNI:EM thing of 2012: “Death Zone” is a field recording collage that takes you on a virtual trip through the forest to some quite strange place. ->

Recorded with a pair of Rode NT5 mics in x/y positioning into a Fostex recorder. All editing done with Ardour. Plugins used: Triple Band EQ with Shelves, Simple Amplifier, Kjaerhus Mastering Limiter (VST), Voxengo SPAN (Analyzer, VST).

Best consumed loudly. :wink: Feel free to share comments.



Hi! This is amazing! I am only starting out with field recording and making soundscapes and need help on how to use ardour. (Just downloaded and installed the software). I am using your track as inspiration :slight_smile: