Expected Source List behavior?

Is it expected behavior that using the import dialog creates one instance in the source list but dragging an audio file from the file manager creates TWO instances? They seem like duplicates if the highlighted regions are anything to go by.

I can certainly file a bug on tracker.ardour.org but before I do I wanted to make sure I’m not being dense.

That seems to be the case on both my Mac and Windows machines.

If (both Mac and Windows) I ‘Remove Selected Source’ for one of the two (in an alphabetic sorted source list) leaving the other visible in the list, then save, quit, re-launch and re-open the session, the sound doesn’t appear in the list. Disappeared. (Imported %L & %R are still in the Interchange folder, but only one of each)

This might explain a problem another new student tried to describe - having tried to tidy up their source list, sounds went missing.

Surely a bug…

Yep, I completely concur with your findings. I’ll submit a bug report.

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FYI: https://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=8470

I added some notes on the bug tracker - this only happens dragging sound onto an existing track, not onto empty space where a new track is created

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Seems to be fixed in 6.4 (just ran a quick test, nothing thorough)

recently this was also posted by development describing as avoiding 6.4 and instead immediately opting for the current 6.5 release,

Ardour 6.4 released
“Note: DO NOT UPDATE TO 6.4 – The release contains a bug that prevents exporting the session.”

The release of 6.5 was recently announcement yesterday later in the day, and was posted sometime after reminding users about the issue in 6.4 (link)

I don’t know if 6.5 fixes the issue reported on this thread, perhaps you guys can verify/check that again in 6.5 and update any newer information as necessary…

@ahms The only change between 6.4 and 6.5 was to fix the export issue, nothing was done to deal with source list in between those versions. It is a fairly safe bet whatever the behaviour was in 6.4 is identical to 6.5 in this regards.

That being said if they want to confirm I suppose it won’t hurt.


Sorry but it’s still a problem in 6.5

Please use the issue tracker (link above). The forum is not suitable for bug reports.