Ardour 6.4 released

Note: DO NOT UPDATE TO 6.4 – The release contains a bug that prevents exporting the session.

A fix will be released ASAP in Ardour 6.5

Ardour 6.4 is released. The primary change in this release is support for plugins in Steinberg’s VST3 format, on Linux, Windows and macOS. As usual, there’s a good selection of bug fixes and improvements ranging from the minor to the extremely useful.

For more details, please read the whole release announcement .

Download as usual from


Is there something wrong with export? I get a noise in the exported file whatever I do. Master was selected and transport seems fine when playing. I tried uninstall, reinstall, restart my machine, change audio engine, use another audio project from my hard drive, another output format… but only downgrade to 6.3 solved it here.

Anyone can confirm?

OS Linux (Neon with Ubuntu 20.04)

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Yes there is. Will be fixed in 6.5 ASAP.

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Congrats on another release!

Could you elaborate on the issue? Does this affect every kind of export? If so, is there continued access to the official 6.3 binaries for those of us who just installed 6.4 over 6.3?

I expect it’ll be more work to do that, compared to just uploading 6.5 instead.

I screwed up a last minute change, literally the commit that became 6.4. It affects all exports that use data from an output port.

Stem exports w/o processing are not affected nor a raw region exports (w/o panning).

Meanwhile it is already fixed in git. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Instead of 6.5, why not replace 6.4 with a public release of 6.4.1 (with just that commit)? I ask from a software numbering point-of-view/interest versus trying to tell you what to do :wink:

micro version numbers are automatically assigned using git revisions. The fix is in 6.4.5.

But eventually it’s only a number and I find it more convenient to say “you need 6.5”. Also bug-tracker, new version notifications, etc… are all tied to minor version numbers.


Heads-up: Ardour 6.5 is released

Thank you @vivantart1 for catching this, and again, sorry for the inconvenience.
We’ve moved comments pertaining to the release to the new topic.

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