Euphonix MC Mix control

Hi everyone,

I just bought a Euphonix MC Mix controler.
Anybody who have this unit succeeded in using it with Mixbus?
So far I was not.

Thanks for any clue.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but how are you doing with the artist mix+ardour? Does everything work or not? Thanks.

@mea: euphonix declined to work with us. I don’t think it was malicious - they were supposed to get me technical specs etc. a couple of years. They never did, people at the company moved on, and they lost interest. If you want Ardour to support EuCon, you need to tell them that we’re entirely willing to work with them but we need technical specs that we can use for an open source implementation.


Yes but you can use the Euphonix in Mackie mode, as evidenced by others in this thread. Obviously not going to argue about EuCon support though, and that seems even less likely now that Digi/Avid owns them.



Hope somebody chimes in that know how to emulate Logic/Mackie control.
In the mean time I will try a search.

Thanks again Seablade


Some users have had success using it in Logic mode. I can’t tell you much more than that unfortunately without access to one, but apparently it can emulate Logic/Mackie control protocol, and that is how I would use it with Mixbus.


@jazzhot: euphonix have not made available any details on their control protocol so far. Thus, you can only use it as a generic MIDI controller, not with any of the fancier (and nice) features of the unit.

Thanks for your reply.
Well I am a bit disappointed here.
Hope something will be done cause like you said it is a nice peace of hardware.
I am using it with Logic. Pretty cool.

I will send a note to Euphonix for sure…


I have succeeded in using Euphonix MC Mix with Mixbus but only for transport controls.
Also I corresponded with the Harisson support and here are a few words from them regarding control surfaces:
Control surface support on Mixbus is currently pretty limited. It supports the Logic Control Protocol (ie Mackie Control Universal) and MIDI controllers. That is an area that we plan to improve in the future.

Just hope for Euphonix Artist users that it would be a not to far future ;o)



Considering I am one of the people with the most knowledge of the Logic control code in Ardour and Mixbus, I can clarify that a bit. Logic control currently supports a single surface(No extenders at this time) that supports the logic control protocol. The Logic control protocol is very similar to the Mackie protocol, and in fact the primary differences are related to LCD updates IIRC. The Logic protocol is also very different from the generic midi support, as the Logic protocol supports banking of faders and pan in Ardour/Mixbus, something coming to generic MIDI in Ardour 3 as well, but not quite the same.

The people that have told me they have gotten the Euphonix to work with Mixbus, have told me that they have done so by putting the MC Mix into Logic mode, but I do not know the details of how to do that since I don’t currently posses one and the manual isn’t really clear on how to do this, sorry. It should work with more than just transport controls in this mode though.



Would you please post how you got this working. What settings did you use for EU Control and Ardour? I’ve tried, but so far no luck.

1- install Euphonix drivers from their CD
2- Under system preferences, click on the Euphonix icon, select your Network interface.
3- Drag the Mixbus icon from your application folder into the Euphonix window you just opened.
4- in the same window under protocol, choose MackieControl and you can close that window after that.
5- Launch Jack Pilot and under it’s preferences select Mode “hog”

You will also need MIDI Patchbay to configure MCU in and MCU out.
You can download MIDI patchbay from the Internet.

Don’t forget to launch Midi Patchbay first then Mixbus.
Once in Mixbus select Mackie under Options/Control surfaces.
Add a couple of tracks and you should see Euphonix faders leveling to 0db for those tracks.

I hope I did not forget anything.

5- Launch Jack Pilot and under it's preferences select Mode "hog"

In most cases this should no longer be needed with the newest version of Jack, and has more to do with Audio I/O than with control surfaces.


The last Jack version is 0.86 right?

@Jazzhot I believe so yes.


Thanks for the information. I finally got it most of it working. Channel Faders all work. Transport controls work OK with the exception of the Jog wheel. I think I messed that up long ago with my attempt to assign control functions directly to the program. For some reason the Jog wheel isn’t even sending out any MIDI codes when rotated. No idea how to fix this other than going in and making my own assignments again. Last time I used Shift-Option-Left Arrow (Jog left) and Shift-Option-Right Arrow (Jog right). Movement was much too course to be of any use when editing. (Come to think of it, it might have been ‘Snapping’.)

Have any of you that have this working had to do anything special as far as the Jog wheel goes? I can’t help but think that if I hadn’t messed with it in the first place it probably would be working now. I did do a ‘Restore to Factory Defaults’, but still no joy.

I can’t speak from the point of view of the Euphonix, but on my Mackie the Jog Wheel can be quite useful. I don’t usually use it for editing persay though, more for searching and zooming and rough placement IIRC.


Can you tell me the Left-Right rotation MIDI codes your jog wheel is generating? Do you also have a Shuttle wheel? If so I’d appreciate the MIDI codes for that as well.


I will have to get back to you on that as I need to head home and don’t have my mackie with me at the moment anyways, kick me if I don’t respond in the next couple of days to get this to you.


The jog wheel controller codes my MC Control is generating are: ‘60 00’ for right-rotation and ‘60 64’ for left-rotation. Neither of which have any effect. From what I’ve read, these should be: ‘60 01’ for right-rotation and ‘60 65’ for left-rotation. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix this.