Duplicate tracks/buses between projects?

Say I have a track or bus (-or several hundred-) that has plugins and automation, etc., that I wish to copy & paste / export & import / duplicate / etc. in full into another project/session:

  1. What possible options are there for me to achieve this task?
  2. Is there a Lua script available to achieve this?

(When you right-click on a track header (in 6.9.0 at least), you can “Duplicate…” the entire track, which is an awesome feature. -I’m basically looking for that, but across different projects.)

-Any ideas, help, or guidance here is greatly appreciated!


You can easily replicate the track/bus setup by saving the track/bus as a template in one session, and using that template when creating new tracks/busses in a new session.

What you cannot do is replicate the track/bus with its contents (i.e. audio or MIDI data).

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What @paul said, but also: The Ardour Manual - Track Templates

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-Creating track templates is pretty good, yes! -Thanks!
But, as @paul pointed out:

-Which is unfortunate.
However, I did discover this post about a Lua script someone made to export and import audio regions from one project/session into another. -Using something like that in conjunction with Track Template creation would at least serve as a workaround for now.

In this other post about parallel session use, @paul mentioned that:

-Which is probably a necessary component to accomplish what I was originally asking for, thus ensuring that the chances are low this kind of built-in functionality will be seen anytime soon.


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