Open sessions in parallel

Hi all,
when I’m working on an Ardour project, if I want to open another one it makes me close the current one. Correct?
Instead, for example using Audacity, if I open another project the current one remains active in parallel.
Is there a way to do this with Ardour too?
[Ardour on Linux]



i have suggestion (for devs: more like feature request) to look at Bitwig approach - neat solution. It has project tabs, and only one project can use audio engine at time (switching is: click on project tab and +f12 to activate audio engine of selected project). And you can do offline actions - copy/paste/edit arranger, clips, devices between projects…


The Ardour session allows per-session sample rate configuration, so in general opening another session might require stopping and reconfiguring the audio backend.
That might not even be possible if for example Ardour is using a JACK server where Ardour has to use the running server and does not have the option of reconfiguring.

If you are running a JACK server I think you can open two instances of Ardour at once with different sessions loaded, if the sessions use the same sample rate. That might get very confusing in the connection graph, I don’t think I would recommend it as a general way of working.

if you run Ardour from the command line, you can supply the -c NAME arguments to force the JACK client name to be NAME (e.g. instead of “ardour”)

this can provide some clarity to the situation where you run more than one instance of ardour at the same time.

@dspasic for better or for worse, having two Session objects inside Ardour at the same time would be a major re-engineering task, probably one to two person-months of work, possibly more.


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