drum replacement ladspa plugins?

are there any ladspa plugins out there that act like the drumagog vst? i want to be able to replace snare bass or tom hits easily with midi samples.

There is none at the moment that I know of. I might convince myself that writing one would be a good idea.

perhaps it is worth of trying the “smack” which is a part of the om-synth.
it is a kind of drum sythesizer, praised to be 100% sample-free.
for me, it sounds very good, i got it running in connection with “gneutronica”!
have a look at jackaudio.org/applications, there you will find the links to the sites of



Not exactly a plugin, but it works with the jack and therefore easily controlled and recorded with Ardour.

I have written a LADSPA plugin that could be simular to your needs. It’s a simple trigger plugin, that replace the orginal sound with samples from a wave file. I didn’t have it published yet, but if you are interested I can start a new project at soureforge.

i am very interested in this. is there any way i could get this?

Ok, here we go:

I created a new project on sourceforge.net with the name “LADSPA Trigger Plugin”. You can go to: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ladspa-trigger/ and download the archive. You have to compile and install it (make && make install). But it’s quite simple. I hope it’s useful.

thank you for creating this but i am new to linux and dont know how to compile and install. my dad who usually would help me do this isnt around. could you help me out?

Normally its no problem. Download the archive from the download page and do the following, if you haven’t done already:

Change in the directory you downloaded it, than type:

tar -jxf ladspa-trigger-20070411.tar.bz2
cd ladspa-trigger/
sudo make install

That will be all. If you want to use your own samples put it into the samples directory before “make install”. At the moment only 5 samples are used and have to be named “sample1.wav” to “sample5.wav”.

i use agnula.

if i remove that phrase altogether, will the plugin still work?

Yes, it’ll still work. That option simply tells (a newer) gcc not to include a certain security measure in the compiled code. And I don’t know anything specific about AGNULA… someone else care to advise?

ok. i have gotten through make and install but when i open ardour and update the plugins list i get this error message.

error. cannot load module “/usr/lib/ladspa/trigger.so” (/usr/lib/ladspa/trigger.so: undefined symbol: stat)

im having some trouble with this.

when i run make i get this

cc1. error: unrecognized command line option “-fnu-stack-protector”

also maybe i do not have this in the right directory. where should plugins be located.

That should be “-fno-stack-protector”, and gcc is complaining about what appears to be a typo in the Makefile. Oddly enough, I just downloaded what I believe is the same archive and the typo isn’t in there. Anyway, you should be able to open and hand-edit the Makefile; it’s in the line that starts with CFLAGS.

excuse me it is “-fno-stack-protector”

what do i need to change in the make file to have it work?

excuse me it is “-fno-stack-protector”

what do i need to change in the make file to have it work?

Ahh… that explains it. Actually you could remove the phrase altogether from the CFLAGS, since you must be using a version of gcc that predates that functionality. Or you could upgrade gcc, which is a bit harder and often fraught with peril. You may want to talk with your dad about upgrading the entire system, as it seems to be using a significantly old compiler-- not a good sign. I could be wrong, though… what distribution/version do you have there?

also, about your previous question.
im running Debian 4.0.2-2
linux version 2.6.14-1-multimedia-386

ilostmyfiles is right. I added this option for the newer version of gcc. You don’t need this, if you use gcc older than version 4.1.2 I think. But you have to remove only the “-fno-stack-protector”. Not the whole line.

If it doesn’t work, please give your gcc version. “gcc --version” give this.

By the way, you have to “make clean” before you can recompile it with “make”. Otherwise it won’t have an effect.