Development update: 6.0-pre1 now ready for testing

About translation, did one have to translate words between { }?

Do you have an example?

Apparently there are also some typos in some original English labels, and a few missing plural forms.
Those will need to be fixed before the call to translation can happen.

Great to see A6 come alive. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately still no GUI-updates to unclear (background untinted) mixer or better panning-outline. But there’s still hope, I guess.

What is the bug tracker ID for these issues?


I am currently having a battle with PayPal and cannot access my account.
I have made a small donation as a one off. I will continue monthly until I sort out Paypal.
I would love helping with the testing if possible.

Sorry, it was not an productive post with bugs, just wishes. I just hope every release more overview in the mixer, this always holds me back to mix with ardour, because I cannot colour the mixer strips backgrounds optionally or can see at one glance the panning.

The appropriate way to document such “wishes” is an enhancement request in the Mantis bug tracker, with specific requests, along with a clear description of the workflow that enables or enhances, and how it differs and improves upon the current behavior.


Hi fellows!

Is the project format frozen now or can it still evolve till ardour 6 final?

I would like to engage subscription et download nightly build, but i want to be able to rely on projects actually started in the future.

The project format is frozen.

Oh thanks, great to hear that !

So I think will engage subscription this weekend.

In order to not make any mistake, I must be a subscriber and not a donator right?

Another fear of mines, if I finally choose to stick with ardour 5.12 stable after trying pre6, will my ubuntu studio system let me able to uninstall the pre 6 without ruining the 5.12? I do think yes but want to be sure, so please forgive that innocent newbie question.

Yes, Ardour 5 and Ardour6 can be installed in parallel.
Also official binaries can be installed in parallel to distro versions.

(Binaries from install to /opt/Ardour-<VERSION>. The launcher has an upper-case “A” e.g. Ardour5, Ardour6, while distro versions use lower-case ardour5, ardour6)


Time to have fun!!!

Thanks, I entered my wishes into Mantis as “feature”. Hope this is right.

If you always need people to write the manual, I got some free time.

The manual is in Git, feel free to start submitting pull requests! :slight_smile:


This is another of those areas of contributing to Ardour where if you not self-motivated, it will be hard, but if you are, it will be great. There is no list or roadmap or plan for the manual because there is no community that works on it regularly. So you need to feel motivated to improve or extend it based on your own assessments.

You should also be ready to accept editorial suggestions from a variety of people. None of these are personal.

each manual page in the manual: Has a github icon in the top right corner. This will lead you to an edit page on git hub where you can add to the page, fix spelling or grammer mistakes etc. If you want to add pages, you will need to clone the whole repo from git and make a more complete pull request. Even if it is just a whole new page with out it being added to the menu, someone can do that part, just don’t be impatient , sometimes it takes a while. Do leave a note where in the menu structure you would expect the page to fit.

Thanks for your 3 anwers :slight_smile:
@paul I can understand the “no roadmap nor plan” concept, but despite this would you say that one can find write/fix priorities somewhere? (e.g. “new in Ardour6”) and locate this somewhere of course!
@lenovens thanks for light on the 1st step. I will read the guide of git now…
@all is there a dedicated place to ask questions?

IRC is the best place. If you don’t know how to access it there is a link at the bottom of, though it is probably easiest if you are going to be on there to use an IRC client instead.


If you’re a subscriber (or paid US$45 or more for a pre-built version of 5.x), you can download the fully functional version.

I’ve paid US$45 or more for a pre-built version of 5.x, but I can’t seem to download the uncrippled nightly build?