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Done with Ardour on Linux



Great production and mix once again! Even though I don’t understand the lyrics the Video and lounge jazz Vibe still kept me grinning all the way through. Great to see how much fun you have together with music!

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Thanks again !!
Funny story how it came to this: I tried to work my way through some bossa nova style guitar lessons trying to play tunes like “Dindi” and “The Girl From Ipamena”. While doing so, I thought to myself, hey, why not to write a song along those lines. So, that’s what I came up with.

BTW: translation is in the video description.

Good Song! How is your recording/instruments setup? (Guitar, Amp, Bass etc.)
What kind of effects did you use?

Basically almost the same like in this one: Dreaming - Friends and Pete

  • Drums with AVL drumkits.

  • Guitar: a red Harley Benton ST-59HM, a great budget guitar, through a ZOOM G3X.

  • Vocals recorded with a Rhode NT2.

  • Everything else: Midi , partly free sound fonts from the web (bass), partly general midi synth. I enter all Midi notes with the mouse.

  • Plugins: mostly Ace (EQ, compressor, delay), but also some Calf stuff, (which I need to swap out in the near future in my templates ). Dragonfly for reverberation. And an Invada tube distortion in the signal chain of the bass to add some mids occasionaly

  • Production listening: Edifier desktop speakers with bass box

  • Final mixing with head phones: AKG K 240 MkII, AKG K 702, in the monitor section of Ardour I have a LSP EQ with compensation curves for the head phones (from GitHub - jaakkopasanen/AutoEq: Automatic headphone equalization from frequency responses) and the “monitoring 3” plugin from airwindows (CAN A setting)