Dreaming - Friends and Pete

Sorry to bother you again. You might just move on to the the next topic now …

So, I’m trying to close all of my half-finished projects.

This one is a kind of ballad.

It features my son Marius with a wonderful guitar solo. I just love it.
(Actually he recorded it at home, but he does not use Ardour. Exchange was perfectly easy and smooth back and forth)

Of course, everything else has been done with Ardour and on Linux:

  • Drums with AVL drumkits.

  • Guitar used was a red Harley Benton ST-59HM, a great budget guitar, through a ZOOM G3X.

  • Vocals recorded with a Rhode NT2.

  • Everything else was done with midi, partly free sound fonts from the web (bass, organs), partly general midi synth. I enter all notes with the mouse.

  • For plugins mostly Ace ones have been used, but also some Calf stuff, which I need to swap out in the near future in my templates (still using them with the generic GUI).

  • Dragonfly for reverberation.

  • Production listening: Edifier desktop speakers with bass box

  • Final mixing with head phones: AKG K 240 MkII, AKG K 702, in the monitor section of Ardour I have a LSP EQ with compensation curves for the head phones (from GitHub - jaakkopasanen/AutoEq: Automatic headphone equalization from frequency responses) and the “monitoring 3” plugin from airwindows (CAN A setting)


Great stuff! Beautiful guitar solo indeed, hats off to Marius! I like the roomy ambience of the vocals, it helps make the sampled stuff sound a bit more organic as well. Some great Visuals with the film clips as well!

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Great sound. A pleasure to listen to.

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thx a lot for your kind words …