Decent Sampler closes Ardour instantly

I have seen this mentioned before, but it seems like those issues were mentioned to be fixed?
Linux Debian based distro
Ardour 8.6
Decent Sampler 1.11.12 (I tried Static & Dynamic versions)

The second a MIDI track is created containing Decent Sampler, Ardour closes out instantly.
Wondering if any other users can confirm this.
If this is a bug, can someone report this.

Thank You

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Bug confirmed.

I can’t say yet whether it’s Decent Sampler or Ardour, but I have used the version of DS that I have (1.11.7) with older versions. It continues to work with Ardour 7.5 for example.

That doesn’t prove that it is Ardour’s fault, but it makes it a bit more likely.

I’ve reported the bug to the DS bug tracker, since it appears to a memory management problem in DS.

I fetched the static version of DS 1.11.12 and despite the information described in the bug report, it does manage to run and not crash my local build of Ardour.

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Static vst3, crash with Ardour from openSUSE repo.

ArdourGUI[4375]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fea51da8cbc sp 00007fea8cbff5a0 error 4 in[7fea51800000+de1000] likely on CPU 9 (core 1, socket 0)

Does it crash with Ardour from this website?

Yes with 8.6.252 (latest nightly). Same error.

Ahhh thank you everyone for confirming this bug, hopefully it will be fixed soon, I have not tried anything yet.
Also thank you Paul specifically, for filing a bug report for this, I appreciate it.