Convert midi to audio in ardour without rendering out

i need way for fast convert midi region to audio clip inside ardour
not redering out and re-import it

record from midi track to audio track not a fast way please suggest fast way

I do believe that freezing a MIDI track in Ardour is not possible at present.

Rendering out a bus faster than real time and re-importing is only one extra step, no? Also, is there any reason you can’t maintain the MIDI tracks until final export?

I did not try that but I do think you could create a new stereo track and, using the patchbay, connect your midi track output to the new track input. Then record arm your new track then record…
This way you dont have to reimport it but it wont be faster than realtime…

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Hi @remyzerems
i tried this method but quality decreses

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If you don’t need the MIDI data at all, you can always add your MIDI instrument to an audio track and add a MIDI port (and disconnect the audio inputs). You will have MIDI recording direct to audio…It’s actually what I use most of the time.

On a properly working system this should never happen. The audio out of the MIDI track is identical to that which is written to disk on the new track. How are you measuring quality decreasing? What exactly is happening?


i use windows vst with linvst
midi track sound is ok
but when i record from this track quality decreasing

As @seablade asks, how is the quality “decreased”? Do you have your fader or gain up too high away from unity and the sound is clipping? Are you recording into a mono instead of stereo bus? Do you have a plugin on the bus that is mangling the sound? I concur that under normal circumstances the recorded sound should match the sound out of the MIDI instrument.

I, too, have used linvst until recently and never experienced a degradation of the sound when recording the output to another track.

stereo bus for record ? how to?
i record in a stereo audio track
for linvst some windows vst dont fine work with it
in end
i test most vst with wine and linvst but some vst…

@remyzerems @seablade thank

Not record but stem export. Just select that channel in the export dialog: It will be faster than realtime.

Also, did you try adding a MIDI port + synth to an audio track if you don’t require the actual MIDI data?

You can right click on a selected midi region, “REGION” --> “Bounce (with processing)”.
Or select the midi regions with the range tool, then right click and “Bounce Range to source list with processing”.
It will create a new audio region in the sources tab assumed you have inserted a synth plugin or something similar in your midi track.


That’s incorrect, I’m afraid.


EDIT: I stand corrected! You can…just not freeze. My first response to OP remains valid that there is no way to freeze/bounce in place i.e. without rendering out.

You can use bounce with processing with MIDI regions. A new audio region will show up in the source-list. It can then be added to an audio track.

What is not possible is “bounce + replace”, since that would have to change the track type from MIDI to audio. Likewise “freeze track” is not possible for MIDI tracks for the same reason.

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Is there a way to add it to the exact same place in the timeline without having to manually drag it to place?


i see “bounce + replace region” in action buttons list what is this ??? and how to work

It’s for audio only.

plz optimize for midi

As Robin said previously, midi --> audio would require changing the track type. It’s not like Reaper or Samplitude where the tracks are catch-all and change dependent on the material added.

I see at least three faster-than-realtime solutions that don’t require too much work: 1) Record midi direct to audio by adding a midi port to an audio track (and disconnecting the audio inputs) and completely remove the need to “freeze” or 2) create an audio bus, route your midi track into it and render a stem to drag back into your project and 3) the method which @krischan941 suggested above.

It all depends whether you need to edit midi or are OK treating your midi instrument like a traditional audio recording which, of course, can still be edited in great detail with patches etc.

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