Control plugin parameter with, eg, midi arp LFO?

Hi, I’d like to control a parameter of a plugin (e.g. the “wah” in GxWahwah) in an audio bus with the midi output from e.g QMidiArp LFO. I know how to do midi learn with a connected midi expression pedal, but can’t figure out how send the midi output of the LFO on a midi track to the midi input of the plugin parameter. Using the MIDI Tracer, I can see that the bus is receiving the LFO signal on the the same channel (1) and CC (11) as my expression pedal is sending. I feel like I’m close, but just missing something. Thanks

MIDI control happens via the MIDI Control port, not the bus input port.

You bind the incoming MIDI events to the parameter in the GUI.

Yay! I got it working. Thanks, Paul.