Collaboration wanted

Hi mates. Would you like to appear in my next single “Son of Rock”? I’m recording it now and I’m gonna need some harsh powerful rocking backing vocals. No superb voices required, just the attitude of a Rocker. It’s not a complex harmony vocals thing, like Queen or Aerosmith. It’s kinda ACDC back vocals, a repetitive rock anthem all in the same melody. If someone wants to collaborate send me a response or a PM and we’ll discuss the details.
Cheers, peace, love and Rock n’Roll

Maybe I could be interested.
There is not such a thing as PM here. (Private message!)
So, if you post a - maybe temporary - email address here, people could contact you.
Keep on rocking

Oops. I thought there was private message possibility. My fault. Thanks for your interest. You can send a PM trought my Facebook profile or Instagram.

Hope I’m not too late and sorry for bumping this if you’ve seen it. Hit me up on SoundCloud or Bandcamp. No pristine vocals from this throat. It’s all rawwwk \m/

I don’t know why I didn’t receive the notification mail of your answer. I’m afraid it’s late now, cause the song is finsihed and already sent to Distrokid, scheduled to be published on april 7. But thanks anyway, I appreciate the offer.
I am now with a new project, and, although I’m still working with the arrangement, I’m almost sure that it will have some kind of vocal harmonies. A different vibe in this case, some sort of power and intense ballad, kinda Manic Street Preachers stuff. Therefore, maybe I will need something “more pristine” and less “rawwwww” this time, ha, ha.
Actually, I’m not a great singer myself, and the most important for me is to sing in tune the vocal parts in a harmony (I do love vocal harmonies, stuff like Queen, Aerosmith, Eagles,…). So, if you have no problems in singing in tune, it would be great. If you want to get in touch, you can send me a pm in messenger, my facebook is typed above in other reply.
Peace, love and R n’R