Private message!

is it possible to send a private message to someone that have posted here?

This is intended as public forum, so private messaging was disabled.

Thanks for your quick-as-usual answer :slight_smile:

But there are always rare occasions when users need to exchange private information (e.g. to send someone a private email address so they can send you a zip file - or some other type of file that isn’t allowed here…)

Currently (with private messaging disabled) the only way to do this is to publish your email address on the forum for everyone else to see. :unamused:

my advice will be to create a new address to do this (unless you like spams!)

You can create the message with the email and later delete the message.

Technically yes - although strictly speaking, ‘deleting’ a message simply flags it up to the moderators to delete it (you can’t delete it yourself…) I needed to do this once before - and to be fair to the moderators they did delete it very promptly.

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