Change portnames like capture_1,... in jack?

How can i change the names jack uses for the port inseatd of number 1 through 16 at the end??
I would like to change them to things like “RCA frontpanel” etc.

would i do this with asoundrc??
Everything works perfectly, i would just like to change the names.


PS: Isn’t Version 2.3 just a charm??

IIRC, if you’re using qjackctrl, you just click on the port and type in a new name (from the Connections window). I definitely remember doing this for my FirePod, but haven’t yet bothered to clean up the names for my 1010LT.

Looks like I’ll be trying to do it next time in the studio. :slight_smile:

BTW – This very well may be possible with asoundrc (which would be more “global” than qjackctrl), but since I’ve always use qjack, that’s where I started.

Port names have nothing to do with ALSA (asoundrc).

Port names changes are not possible in qjackctl, as far as i know, and even if they were they would not be visible to the rest of the JACK world.

The command you sort of want is jack_alias:

jack_alias system:capture_1 “RCA frontpanel”

This will then allow you to do (one way or another):

jack_connect someclient:someport “system:RCA frontpanel”

Note that these port alias names do not show up in patching software at the present time. jack_lsp can show you them with the -A flag.

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FYI – I just checked in my qjack setup window. Under Display, there are checkboxes to “enable client/port aliases” and “enable client/port aliases editing (rename)”. Checking both boxes allows me to rename ports and clients in the Connections window. I’m assuming the settings here manipulate the same jack aliases Paul is referring to above.

Now, I manage all my connections in qjack’s Connections window, so I’ve never had occasion to see that the aliases are not available to other jack apps. Paul is absolutely the expert, so I’m sure that’s correct, but you certainly can rename the clients and ports in qjackctl.

Thanks for the replys.
I have changed the names in qjackctl. That definatly helps with card with 4+ Inputs :wink:
Would be nice to have such names in Ardour for instance, but i see thats not possible (yet) :wink:

Thanks again,
Jonathan from Germany

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Since I loosed some time here, know that aliases are deprecated in Jack.
The way to go, as of 2020, is to use metadata with jack_property and pretty-names

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