Bounce midi track to audio (track freeze)

hello all, i’ve got a question regarding workflow with midi data:
is there a simple way to bounce a midi track (or region) into an audio track (or region), other than just routing the output of the midi track to an audio track and record an audio file? maybe a lua script or something? it would be great to have something like a “freeze midi track”.
thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

This might be a nice feature probably in a future release :slight_smile:

version 6.0 will have movable record points making it possible to record a midi track after the synth as audio. Same as routing the output to a second audio track but all in one track. Not the same a freeze though. On the other hand, doing a mid freeze to audio would require playing the midi through a synth and recording the audio anyway, either in real time (means playing the whole track through or recording directly from performance) or offline. Ardour is generally not set up for non-realtime use except for export.

You can also use this - Create a new audio track. From Editor Mixer -> Add Midi Port. Next from Editor Mixer -> Input choose your midi track.

i don’t seem to understand: should i send the midi out of a midi track to an audio track? then i receive midi data on the audio track, what will not lead to an audio signal to record, uh?
@lenovens yeah, offline rendering of a midi track is what i mean. this is why i thought about lua, although i don’t know anything about it, i thought, it might me possible to export a midi track to an audio file and after that, import that file to a dynamically created audio track in one task via a script. no? :wink:
“The signal flow is represented by lines, red for the MIDI and green for the audio.”

the processor list on the mixer strip contains audio ports for you on the green lines – these lines represent synthesized midi, the red lines represents midi (and is non-synthesized) and this is what gets stored on the midi track…synthesized basically means speaker-ready – if you connect a headphone on the line then you will hear some audio.

(I can’t give advice on what is being sought, but I suppose you can also take a look to see what “Audio+Midi” tracks can offer – afaict these are for special plugins, and being new I wouldn’t know too much about them.)

hope this helps

if anyone wants to add to this welcome – I think part of the problem is understanding what the objective is, so if the author can clarify what they are after it might be possible to provide better answers on what to actually try…

@ahms ok, it seems, i didn’t express myself clearly. :frowning: sorry for my poor english at this point.

i try to explain it again, hope you get what i mean:
i try to find out, if there’s an option to render a midi instrument track to an audio track by offline rendering, instead of recording the audio output of the midi instrument track to an audio track in realtime (which is quite time consuming). the purpose is, to save cpu power (for example), because you can deactivate the midi intrument track (and all the plugins in that track). in some daws, these functionality is called “track freeze” or similar.
thanks anyway… :wink:

the tracker Waveform does this, when the user clicks on ‘Freeze track’, it prevents editing that midi track and renders(“synthesizes”) a background wav file for less cpu playback – the purpose as you said is to save cpu % resources and that would be correct generally as a consequence…

I’m not sure if there’s something close to this in ardour-- there’s something called a Audio+Midi track that takes input from audio and midi at the same time < though you likely need a special plugin that does this…