Being told my paid for download has expired? can't download what i paid you for

I paid for Ardour ages ago just a donation of $1 to download version 5.1 on October 28th 2018 and now when I finally have linux again need to Download it again and it’s asking me to download a new version the latest one and to pay again???

Here we go this is what it says now how can this be allowed why wouldn’t you keep an archive going for the old version, because if it’s pay us or get lost then it’s goodbye guys same for everyone else in the same boat I bet.

We regret that there has been a problem with your order. Please contact us via email at if it is necessary to resolve the issue described below.


You download has expired.

@mhartzel should be able to help you: Ardour 6.0 is released

Also, paying another $1 (or more) for the latest and greatest (v6.2) is well worth it…

While I’m in agreement that the last release of each major version should be made available (even via given we are talking about non-current versions) you might want to suggest this in a more constructive way. Paul and his fellow developers are hardly the types to say “pay us or get lost” :slight_smile:

Anyone can use their invoice ID to download the same version they got before.

We prefer that people don’t do that because we work hard to improve the program. But the option is there.

Although I appreciate that it might seem worthwhile to use all available channels to get resolution to a problem like this, given that the instructions say to send an email, and you did in fact do that (reply sent), it’s better not to use the forums for issues like this.

Well I got the latest installed using pop os now and to be fair it is
lacking a loop library I’ll not be keen importing them so I’ll stick with
logic pro x and splice

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