Behringer x-touch series

(zenseidk) #1

I know that the X-touch works with Ardour, but to what extend? I read that some things don’t work, but is this still true?
With time, firmware updates tends to fix such issues.
I’m in the market for a DAW controller and I have the X-touch or X-touch One in my sights. I assume that they work the same with Ardour?

What are your experience and can you recommend another option?

(Roberto) #2

I have the X-Touch. I’d say 80% of the things work, and most of the important things work (transport, faders, pan, choosing tracks, etc.). The things that I couldn’t get to work:

  • If I activate punch in/out the buttons drop and replace will light up in the controller, respectively. But if I press the buttons it doesn’t toggle them.
  • Some of the function buttons don’t do anything.
  • Some of the encoder assigns don’t do anything (like EQ, eg.)

Overall I’m happy with it, and it makes me more productive, especially when I’m recording my guitar.

The X-Touch One seems like an interesting compromise. Once thing I noticed is that I usually adjust one fader at a time, so that might not be a strong limitation in the One.

BTW, there are a few YouTube videos showing the X-Touch with Mixbus. It’s better supported in Mixbus because you can control the builtin EQs.

(zenseidk) #3

Hi Roberto,
Which version of the X-Touch do you have?
I already have a DigiDesign Command8 but I’m having issues with getting some of the functions on it to work. I did make some progress last night. It is especially the transport section that is bugging me and there’s very little information out there.
So the X-Touch One would be a good choice just to get the transport functions.
The control surfaces section in Ardour does not include the One model, but I suppose it would be a subset of the X-Touch?

(Roberto) #4

I have the regular X-Touch (not compact, not mini, not one). The transport function works perfectly, including looping, record, play, stop and moving around.

As for the control surfaces, I think it should be straightforward to adapt the one from the X-Touch.

(Len) #5

I would note that these things are common to the Mackie Control as well. Not all of the function buttons are mapped, but there is the possibility to map them as you choose to any menu action. The encoders are mapped the same for Ardour and Mixbus, however Ardour does not have EQs to control. However, it is true that so far there is no way of controlling plugins which would allow controlling an eq plugin. There is hope that at least the a-eq might be hooked up to the eq controls used by the Mixbus eq. Same for a-comp. It would be great if all eq plugins used the same control set, but I can’t see that ever happening. So it is unlikely that the mackie eq controls will ever control eqs in general, a-eq has a chance just because Ardour ships with it.

(Music) #6

Cool, that’s good to know. I hope it comes to fruition some day as it would be really useful.

It’s useful to know, as Len pointed out, that this isn’t a deficiency with either Ardour or the X-touch. I guess it’s by design – it’s a blank canvas for the user to customise to their heart’s content, which is really, really useful.

I configured some of the function buttons as soon as I got my X-touch a few years ago. Looking in the settings, I’ve just discovered that I’d mapped far more things than I had remembered!

The raw F-keys I have doing timeline-related things: go to Start, go to End, go to previous marker, go to next marker etc.

Using the modifiers I’ve got a load to toggle on/off the visibility of things like the monitor section, editor mixer, track list, summary etc, all useful for maximising screen estate (I also have maximise editor space and maximise mixer space!).

Resizing/fitting track height(s) are useful controls I’d forgotten I’d mapped. I can even launch the online user manual and this forum from my X-touch!

The possibility that I really hadn’t fully appreciated though, is not just that the function keys can be used with modifiers, but all the other “right-hand side” buttons as well, meaning that there are massive capabilities for shortcuts – if only I could remember that many! And because of the way Ardour is, it’s all completely customisable :slight_smile: :+1: :clap: