AV Linux MX Edition (AVL-MXe) 23.1 Released!


Just sharing my Blog post of the release of AV Linux MX Edition 23.1!

Best, Glen

*NOTE - An updated and revised ISO “20240120” has been uploaded addressing 2 issues: Enlightenment packagekit updater replaced with MX’s ‘apt-notifier’. PulseAudio Volume Control (pavucontrol) added to expose PipeWire’s Pro Audio profiles. Also Muse Sound Manager was added for MuseScore… If you’ve already downloaded and installed the initial ISO then you can fix the Package updating issue with the info in this forum post:


You can install ‘pavucontrol’ through the Package Manager and the Muse Sound Manager is available here


Glad to read it. Congrats, and many thanks for your work.

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Is it possible to create a liveUSB with AVLinux from a current installation and then install in other computers? I really want to customize (config files, apps, theme…) this new version and then install it in all my computers!


Yes indeed, this is exactly what MX-Tools–>MX-Snaphot is for! It is complete Remastering and ISO building suite all baked in to any MX-based system, it’s one of the many things that make MX Linux so versatile… AV Linux itself is not built with Snapshot but you can pretty much mold it into whatever you like and then as you said make your own ISO and deploy it on all your machines or give it to friends etc…

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Absolutely great, it’s what I’m looking for. Let’s check the new desktop environment!
Many thanks for your work.

Personally, I always install this first on my home computer and install all the plugins I have acquired in addition. Then I test the operation and make a bootable usb stick from it. Then I just install it on the studio machine and everything is ready to work.

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Glen, where can I get support/help? I have no wifi (no connmand installed)


The best place for support is the MX Linux ‘Respins’ forum:

As far as your WiFi issue, there is a Connman PDF document right there on the AVL-MXe-23.1 desktop to troubleshoot WiFi issues.

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Yes, it was my mistake (BIOS, config). Anyway I’ve registered in MX Forums!!!

I installed it on a flash drive, with persistance as you explained. But it does not seem to get my keyboard correct. I select Dutch/Belgium which is AZERTY but i keeps using the QUERTY keyboard for some reason.
Ones opened up it looks like the belgium keyboard is installed besides US and English.
Then i removed the US and English keyboard, so the Belgium keyboard must be default.
Nope, it stays in QUERTY.
That is very confusing if you have already entered passwords for root and demo.
Next i noticed that Musescore is installed but not MuseHub to install the orchestral sounds.
However the soundsystem seems to work out of the box, also in Ardour.
Great Job.


Hi, thanks!

To my knowledge Enlightenment requires the keyboard to be set within itself, I’ve only tested in English (AVL is not fully internationalized although locales can be installed) so your feedback is valuable… Settings Panel–>Input

Thanks Glen, I will give it a go.

Also good catch on the MuseScore Sound mgr, I’m looking into it… There will be a revised ISO coming soon, there were a few flies in the ointment…

I have it open and am reading it, but that huge bandshed.net banner that will not go away is killing the experience. Can’t see whole screen shots… It takes away too much from your hard work and it’s presentation.

It also doesn’t work in bandshed’s favor just for doing it that way, because it looks too deliberately imposing and selfish, It begs to question how that may reflect in their services…

I think you’re reading a lot into a new website theme that simply hasn’t been finished yet, the banner is simply a placeholder because I had to go out last evening shortly after changing my WP theme… jeez!

You mean in their services of making a Linux Distro for their own uses, and then in their non-existent spare time sharing and packaging it up so others can benefit for something made for their own purposes?

That is exactly the kind of selfish most open source development comes from.


Ever consider the possibility I know nothing at all about bandcamp accept for having heard their name a few times?

Oh, and add to that, that ever since some movie was about a band camp, there are all kinds of band camps now, even some with no bands, and others no camp…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ahhh I see!

We have a misunderstanding, there is no connection between bandshed.net and bandcamp.com. One is my personal website and the other is an independent music streaming platform.

See what I mean? I’m sure there’s a banbarn, a bandhouse, a bandcabin… too! :face_with_spiral_eyes: I thought it was on a music oriented site people can get pages on to advertise their bands, blog…, and the host was hogging the page, and it wasn’t in your control. :roll_eyes:

I don’t use WP nor any CMS, but a text editor. I don’t get any default anything on my website accept if it’s deleted or unpaid.