AUX Send Play Automation Problem

I’ve got a problem I would like to know how to fix…
But, perhaps it’s a bug native to the 6.9.0 I’m using(?), and therefore won’t be addressed…

When I have just AUX Sends leaving a track, any AUX Send automation works as expected:

AUX Send Automation, Non-faulty-min

But if I delete one of the AUX Sends and use a direct connection instead, the remaining AUX Send’s automation is delayed and partially unresponsive:

AUX Send Automation, Faulty-min

This is not simply a visual error, either.
-The signal is (mostly) affected as shown by the bar(s) (-e.g., not dropping to -infinity when it’s supposed to).

Any idea why this might be happening?

Thanks :grin:


I am perfectly fine using only AUX Sends in cases like this (i.e. not mixing AUX Sends and direct connections), that is, if I am able to solve this AUX Send automation, plugin latency problem I just posted about…

Well I am sure you know this, but the first question is does this behavior exist in the current release of Ardour (Even downloading the free trial from here would let you test). If it doesn’t you may be running down a bug that was fixed long ago.

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Yes, that makes perfect sense of course.
However, I refuse to update my ancient OS (Mac 10.6.8), thus currently stuck with Ardour 6.9.0 only.
Once I am done with this particular, old project though, I will update my OS and probably just switch everything over to GNU/Linux, too.