AUX Send Automation, Plugin Latency Compensation Problem

Perhaps somehow related to my other, recent post concerning AUX Sends, I’m having a problem when it comes to induced plugin latency being compensated for in general, -but NOT AUX Send automation.

Here, with no plugin latency on the “DM Kick Signal Bus”, the AUX Send automation to that bus works as expected, and sends the signal onwads:

AUX Send Automation, Non-faulty without Latency

However, if I add sufficient latency there (-in this example 500ms), which supposedly is compensated for throughout the project, the AUX Send automation essentially doesn’t then ‘catch’ the signal, and thus does not send it to the DM Kick Signal Bus. -Pay attention to the lack of fader signal, bottom-center:

AUX Send Automation, Faulty with Latency

Also, if I loop that one transient and slowly apply the latency from 0->500ms with my mouse, I can hear how that slope of the automation towards the front affects the sent signal, lowing it slowly to -infinity. It’s as though the track’s regions are shifting/being compensated for, whilst the AUX Send automation is staying put.

So, any obvious explanation/cause/solution here I’m not seeing?

I tried with other plugins that induce latency, and the problem persists…
(-Using only Ardour 6.9.0, by the way. -Perhaps these problems have already been addressed in later versions? I’m hoping it’s actually just my configuration that’s the problem.)

Thanks :grin:

It was a honest bug, fixed just now in Ardour 8.4.42 (available from

Fader automation and Plugin automation are latency compensated, but aux-send gain and pan were not.


-Good on you, man!
I appreciate your work. :+1:
(I’m surprised no one noticed 'til now… :hushed:)

Did you check External Send automation as well?
I was curious, and just confirmed (again, only via my older v6.9.0) that External Send ‘fader’ automation suffers the same problem… -Might still be a problem in later Ardours. :v:

Yes, they have a similar issue If and only if you feed them back into Ardour.

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