Automation with LFO

Hi there!

What about automation with LFO? Currently you can draw only draw straight lines for automation. It would be nice if you could say: Ardour, between this and that point, oscilate that parameter at x Hz with amplitude y.

Nice idea?


Selectable waveforms for this would also be nice: Sine, sawtooth (up and down), pulse, triangle… (noise?)

I believe this is on the feature request list in Mantis, you should check there to make sure or put it there if it isn’t. I am personally not certain this belongs in Ardour itself, but it is worth noting.


Isn’t this already possible using external tools that route LFO-signals into a midi chanal, which can then be routed to Ardour to handle any Ardour knob or fader?

If you could tell me in detail how to achieve it, I’ll be happy. (Especially which tools to use)

Sorry for the stupid question: How do I search Mantis? There is nothing like a search box…

AMS should do it ( And I am looking forward to the day that Ingen will be ready for those kind of work.

How does a synthesizer help in puttin an LFO in MIDI-CCs? I want to simulate an LFO via MIDI-CC to control my hardware-synth. It should send MIDI-CC-values which itself describe a sine.

Exactly those kind of things AMS can do. Look at it.

OK, thanks. I’ll look at it.

…big machinery just for some LFOs on MIDI-CC. I would prefer “the Ardour solution”.

Up in the menu, Click Issue Tracker. Mantis will open up .

If found the link to Mantis on my own, but on the Mantis-page is no search box…

Another nice feature would be to specify the number of cycles and let Ardour compute the exact frequency. Then it would be possible to control exactly at which point the LFO ends. The straight line between starting- and ending-point could also be taken as the “zero-line” of the oscillator. (as an offset in the specified point in time)

If you are on the mantis page, click “view issues” . There is a search box that you want :).

Nothing there concerning automation with LFOs. I tried to register on the Mantis page, but did not receive an activation-e-mail…

Give it 24 hours then try again if need be.


Well a couple of things. One LFO automation is most popular in instruments, and often should be within the plugins themselves more than anything. It is also more associated with certain styles of music production where Ardour is not strongest. And finally in many cases it may be more interesting to utilize a more powerful routing situation than Ardour can currently provide to route LFO through other modifiers before sending it to control a parameter, something which is likely much more feasible in Jack rather than in Ardour itself.

Keep in mind these are my own opinions only, and that i don’t do a lot of electronic music in particular where this is more widly used, so take them with a grain of salt:)


@seablade - I’m certain that this belongs in Ardour. LFO automation would allow Ardour users like dbra and I to get more creative with our music. Why wouldn’t LFO automation be right for Ardour?