Automation lanes

Perhaps I’m missing something, but on Ardour 7 my automation lanes are either in read mode or deactivated. I no longer have ‘write’ or 'touch".

Ubuntu 22.04 Ardour 7.0.158 (Nightly) - everything works fine in my case.

Right but not on cc controllers. Also: each new take (midi) rewrites new lane of any controller touched.

Have you ever had a ‘write’ or 'touch" for CC? I’ve just checked Ardour 6.9 - for CCs - it has no ability you’ve mentioned.

As far as I remember, yes, but I might be wrong. I no longer have the previous version. Last project I made where I needed these features was 2 years ago, and I’m not sure which version it was. As for the rewriting of the lanes have you noticed that?

I don’t remember such possibility…

But you can record CC when some device or virtual keyboard is connected to the desired MIDI channel:

In the video I’ve selected CC 10 - for the General MIDI Synth it’s “Pan”. For the record I use Virtual Ardour’s Keyboard (choose the 10 parameter for the rolling knob).

The recording behavior is:
Every time you record - the new MIDI layer(region) is creating. If you move only the controllers - the empty region (without notes) is creating. This layer has influence to others, but you can grab it in any other place - to the different region of this track with notes - the automation will have influence anyway. If you want the automation to be copied to the existing layer with notes - you need to select with the region selection the desired automation, then Ctrl+C → Ctrl+V (in the video for Ctrl+V - I use “Mouse” Edit Point mode)

Tx, but I’m not sure I understand what you explain. Perhaps I’ve not made myself clear : when I play I use a lot of controllers, mostly cc1 (dynamics), cc21 (vibrato) and ccd 11 (expressions), to name but a few. Now when I record, all of these moves are recorded along with the notes. Then, when I playback I can see 1 lane for each controller. Fine, this works pretty well and this is what I want. The problem is when I do some punch-in in the same track, another set of the same controllers are reproduced in new lanes of automation for each punch-in I do. So, by the end of the track I may end up with many lanes of cc1, cc21, etc. Let’s say that it complicates the work flow. Now, and this I’m sure of, it didn’t behave like that in previous versions, that’s why I’m wandering whether it’s something in the version 7.0, or perhaps something in my install that is faulty.

As I understand - when you record - a new layer is created. All the actions you do - are recorded to this layer (keyboard pressing, controllers movements etc.). But you can not to record any new action to the existing layer. This topic was discussed few year ago. May goal was the ability to record drum loops during cycle loop playing. I wanted to record new sounds to the existing MIDI drum region a sound by sound (kick, snares, hh…). That time I used Ardour 5.12. The conclusion of the discussion was: you can only record a new region (layer) listening an old one and after consolidate all layers to one MIDI region if you want. Yes, that’s complicated, but that’s a state of ardour///

Here’s my workflow of midi overdub, if interesting to dive in:

By the way, now in Ardour 7 - I’ve found problem about the consolidate function for MIDI. I’m going to make a bug report. In Ardour 6.9 consolidate works well.

Your workflow could be the next (in Ardour 6.9 currently, and after the fixing - in Ardour 7.0):

  1. record all MIDI action that comfortable for you by one record - this will create + 1 layer;
  2. record additional comfortable actions, during playing 1layer - this will create a new +2layer;
  3. record next layers - +"N"layer
  4. Consolidate all the recorded layers

By the way such workflow has some advantage: you can manually correct a layer not touching the others (comfortable and not jumble) and after the corrections - consolidate.

A feature request is made (CC ‘touch’ & ‘write’):

Separate layer editing works only with note. For CC automation (I’ve just tested - sorry!) - editing works only together:

SUMMARY: rewriting the CC automation - really too much complicated today. That’s why I’ve made a feature request…

Thank you for having taken the time.

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