DRUM record - midi overdub - Ardour method - new video

A new version video of drum record using midi overdub. As everybody knows - Ardour has no overdub midi function at this time (v.6.9), but there’s some workaround (Looks complicated, but after some practice the stuff goes fast):

  1. Add a midi track with the desired instrument.
  2. Add an empty midi track and connect its OUT to the IN of the instrument’s track.
  3. Activate a record mode for the empty track.
  4. Now, if you will enable your midi keyboard (or virtual keyboard, as it is shown in the video) - you can record the first layer of the midi clip in the empty track, but can hear the instrument (because of the connection between the empty and instrument’s track).
  5. When your record is finished - you can drag the freshly baked clip in to an instrument track and activate Loop Playing. During this you can hear the recorded clip & train your next layer sounds.
  6. Now, after you’ve found your sounds and rhythms - you’re ready to record the next layer to an empty track
  7. etc///

EDIT!!! :
People, big sorry - I’ve over-complicated the task! :face_with_head_bandage:
For a new layer record you don’t need any “empty” additional track. Just activate Record for the desired track and record a new layer - you will hear all the sounds from the previous layers simultaneously!! While nobody corrected me - here’s my corrected video:

(maybe I’ll delete this topic later and make a “new simple way ardour recording video”) Sorry again! :sunglasses:


This is a very simple and efficient workaround, thanks a lot for the video it’s much easier to understand than written explanations!

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Well Thanks !
I had no idea this consolidate feature existed ! :slight_smile:

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