Audio Warp in Ardour

Hi, congratulations to all Ardour Team, do you plan to include audio warp, like elastic audio from Protools and audiowarp like Cubase, Ableton Live etc.? It’s crucial to work with vocals from different singers.
Ej. below

We might. We might not. We have some capabilities related to this already.

I would point you to the history of recorded music that predates Melodyne and/or AutoTune, featuring decades of phenomenal vocal performances that are not the results of this sort of technology.


Thanks Paul, I feel you in that point, I also believe that a good singer will sing in time, but in these days We’re dealing with some artists that don’t sing in time, and we need to align their vocals. I chose to use Ardour because of the great mixing capabilities, also prefer Linux more than Mac or Win, I’m also beloved with LV2 Plugins, ej. x42 Plugins and Ardour native Expander Plugin!

At least stretch audio toward left, because Ardour stretch audio to right side only.

It could also be seen as a purely creative tool and not a mistake eraser.


It is a well-needed tool for audio production!

People have been able to create great music for about 100 years without it, so I’m not that sure I agree with it being “well-needed”.

If modern day artists can’t sing in time then maybe they shouldn’t be artists.
Or they should get some proper training, so they eventually will be able to sing in time and in pitch.

I saw a YouTube video where someone used Melodyne to compare the isolated vocals from a modern day pop star and Freddie Mercury.
The pop star was exactly on the cent on every note, showing that it most likely had been corrected, whereas Freddie hovered a bit above or below pitch-perfect from time to time.
And I don’t think anyone sane would argue that his performance was worse than the pop star’s.


Yeah, That’s true but if i record one singer’s vocal and the next week other two singers come to record the 3rd and 7th harmonies, they never exactly match the 1st vocal time, and the new industry standards nowadays are demanding with aligned vocals.

Just take the first singer’s recording and pitch it up to the harmonies.
Saves time, backup singer fees and solves the timing problem.

Or nowadays you can probably feed the lyric sheet to an AI and tell it to sing the third harmony in the voice of Donna Summer or Tom Jones.

It makes you wonder where the industry is heading when it wants to remove any sign of humanity in the actual recordings.
Heck, in the 60’s they even invented an automatic double tracking delay so they could double one voice recording without having it sounding exactly the same.

:rofl: Yeah my friend, if the industry continue like that, soon we gonna have robots in the studio!

Seems like you could get 75% of the result in 10% of the time by using a gate with sidechain.

Sounds like you want something like Vocalign? I know a lot of people who are buying that, and not using Ardour, so that seems a bit beyond standard DAW-inclusion, across the board.

Not at all, just something as a stretch markers - transient warp markers, ej. if i need to give swing to vocals, adapt a live recording to tempo ect.

Ardour does not need this. The Ardour team should spend their time on more important things than this, like the UX.

Just get better singers. Singers that can actually…you know, sing.


I hope that more real singers come to request my services! :+1:

In one of Rick Beato’s video recently, he claims (AFAIR) that all this autotune madness in current pop music is just the preparation to get the listeners used to those “artificial” sounding voices. so producers can eventually replace the “real” vocal recordings with “AI”-generated ones and people wouldn’t notice the difference.
Not sure, how much truth is in this, but I guess we will see (or hear) soon enough. :smile:

I don’t know why people are airing religious views about autotune/pitch correction, it looks like @anon94558801 wants audio warp marker type functionality like this

There is already audio stretching and you can split and move clips about but that in the clip looks like a more streamlined way of achieving it.


At last someone understand what I’m trying to recommend, it’s not a lazy request, Ardour does audio stretch, but only to the right side and not to both left and right sides, a least an update to the audio stretch feature to make it work in both sides will be enough to do the job!


The studio is not the only (or even preferred) venu…

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