Ardour Pro 2.8.6 for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic (With and Without VST support), Matching Themes, and an Audio/VIdeo menu

Just two days after the official release of Ardour 2.8.6, new binary packages for Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) are now available, with matching gtk and metacity themes for all your applications as well as a custom menu layout for gnome. Here are the specifics:

ArdourPro 2.8.6 - This build of Ardour 2.8.6 includes Freesound, LV2, and FFT Analysis. You’ll notice this package contains a set of custom themes (dark and light) and blue icons. you can find this package here:

ArdourPro VST 2.8.6 - This version is the same as above, but with support for VST plugins and red icons. Note that this version of ardour will install to /usr/local, which may overwrite files if you’ve compiled ardour yourself (this is the default location during a build of ardour, but it can be changed by supplying the “PREFIX=/your_path” variable at build time, with “your path” being your desired installation directory). If you’ve never compiled Ardour from the source code, however, this should not affect you. This package is here:

Both versions of ardour can be installed at the same time, as seen in this screenshot:

As you can see, I’ve also got these packages installed:

Dream Theme 2.0 - Matching gtk themes for the rest of your applications to match ardour. Get them here:

Dream Menu - This gnome menu places your audio and video applications in separate submenus for easy navigation. Get it here:

Autotalent - Open source pitch correction in binary form. Get the binary here:

LADSPA Trigger - For drum replacement. Get it here:

Love the light theme (and hate Ardour default light theme), is there a way to get it without installing the .deb? I mean, just the Ardour theme, not the whole gtk thing, I always build ardour from source at every release, so it would be great to have a .deb or something with only the Ardour themes…

Would you mind posting the source .debs, please? Fantastic work; but would like to be able to rebuild on something other than 9.10.

To use these themes/graphics with your own build, get this file:
Directions are included!

Autotalent is such an apt name.

Hello macinnisrr,

good work.
What’ s that “PulseAudio JACK Sink” and “PulseAudio JACK Source” that I can see in your qjackctl?

You can route PulseAudio through jack so that all audio (from totem, rhythmbox, system sounds, etc.) goes through jack. I’ve got six computers on a network spread throughout the house/studio, so they are all set up like this. Jack starts at boot time, then when a user logs in, pulseaudio automatically connects to jack. This way, we can watch movies, listen to music, surf the web, etc. from any pc in the house, and when I have to route low latency audio, I just use netjack and nothing is disrupted. This comes in very handy because we live in a small house, so for instance I do all my tracking/editing in one room, mixing in another, and while I’m mastering I listen to things on literally every stereo/speaker setup I have (ranging from $1000 nearfields to $10 pc speakers, and everything in between). All the systems serve XDMCP and SSH so I have both command line and X11 remote access to any machine from any machine. Well, anyway, I’ve gotten a bit off topic. You can find Pulseaudio-Module-Jack here:

The same module is also in Fedora 12, but I’ve not had opportunity to work with it since I went from using Ardour on Linux as my primary DAW to Mixbus on Mac OS X as my primary DAW…looking forward to the day when I can use Mixbus on Linux… The Mixbus changes to the UI, not counting the big LADSPA mix engine that makes Mixbus sound so good, are definite improvements over the stock Ardour UI; but the mix engine is the core of why I’m now using Mixbus… makes me feel like I’m mixing at a big analog desk…

Um, why not just create a PPA so that we have amd64 too and automatic updates? :slight_smile:

I’m getting a dependency error under Karmic. It’s for libslv2-9 which isn’t in the repos (although it seems to be in Lucid). Is there a method to get past this?

prokoudine: looking into it, but it’s definitely much more complex than just building the packages for myself (which I’ve only recently started doing, to make updating all my systems at once easier). For right now I’m mostly just starting to get comfortable with packaging in general, while I slowly put together my own distro (which you can probably tell will be called DreamOS). I only get a couple hours a week to work on this, though, as I’m as my main focus is on performing, recording, and working the odd day job.

pleasebeus: sorry about that. Here’s the PPA I got it from:

Thx macinnisrr; that PPA seems to have been dumped a while ago; the packages have been removed

Great Work!!! I just would like te have the ardour original theme back (I love it), how it ist possible??

thank you for these debs it’s awsome!!


you just have to replace ardour2_ui_dark.rc and ardour2_ui_light.rc with the old themes (you can grab them from the ardour source code). These files are in /etc/ardour2.

I wish there was a way to select from more than just two themes within ardour, but for now, this is what you’ll have to do. I suppose I could make a package just for the modified themes that will swap them in/out on installation/removal, but that’s why the packages are called ardourpro and not ardour.

thanks, it works perfectly!!


beautiful! :slight_smile:

@pleasebeus: sorry about that, the files are there, but they were made for jaunty. check out this link:

sweet - works a treat :slight_smile: thx for all your efforts!

The URLs for downloading seem to be blocked: is temporarily unavailable.”


You seem to be having some success with Pulseaudio and Jack so I was hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction.

The PPA with Jack included is currently no good to me as my Karmic install now has the newer recently updated version of Pulseaudio, so I grabbed the module-jack-source and module-jack-sink modules from the Pulseaudio source from their website. Seems to be working ok, but I’ve only had them up and running for a couple of hours so far. I have come across one particular problem with Ardour though and don’t know how to solve it.

I’ve used Ardour to record a long chunk of audio (20 mins or so) from a tape that I want to put onto a CD… all good so far. When I select individual tracks to export after having exported around 2 mins of audio Jack gives an error stating Pulseaudio has timed out, the pulse source and sink disappear and Ardour hangs having only exported just over 2 mins of audio.

Any ideas and help would be hugely appreciated.


Further investigating indicated that the pulseaudio source and sink were a red herring as far as being the problem. Anyway increasing the latency/frame size used by Jack solved the problem.