Ardour/Mixbus: Project Failure (Timecnt Error)

I was working on an old project for the last couple days, when last night, in the middle of tracking a bass part, it crashed (more than once). Since it was such a long day (7-8hrs on project) I figured I would lite it up this morning and see what’s what. Unfortunately, it doesn’t open, it gives an error “distance in timecnt constructor”. I have tried using a few older backups to a point( I don’t want to go back too far, there was quite a bit of work done). I saw post from an individual over at…ile/109421 it would be most excellent if some one could point me in a direction to get the info to repair this.
! :grinning:

Full disclosure, I am not an Ardour subscriber, but rather been a Mixbus user since ver4.

Much Thanks!

You should get on IRC (Help > Chat within Ardour and wait until someone can take a look at your session file and fix it for you. I’m around for a while …

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