Ardour cannot create Session?

So I’ve just installed Ardour 3 [full version], and started up my Jack server using Qjackctl.

When I start up Ardour, I can create a new session, but whenever i type in a name and click on ‘open’, it just kind of crashes, giving me an error saying it could not create the session and this log file:

[INFO]: LV2: Discovering 0 plugins [INFO]: Loading menus from /opt/Ardour-3.2-dbg/etc/ardour.menus [INFO]: Loaded mixer bindings from /opt/Ardour-3.2-dbg/etc/mixer.bindings [ERROR]: JACK: Cannot create thread res = 1 [ERROR]: JACK: Cannot use real-time scheduling (RR/5)(1: Die Operation ist nicht erlaubt) [ERROR]: JACK: JackClient::AcquireSelfRealTime error

I’m new to the whole audio scene, and i’m still not quite sure what jack actually does or why I’m getting weird interferences on my mic, but I don’t think this is the problem here, right?

I’m also getting a message informing me of Ardour not being able to free up enough RAM, but I also don’t think that’s the point.

Can anybody help me here?


I’m getting the same error

That’s exactly the error I get too.

And paul, revering to the FAQ didn’t help me at all. If there is something useful in there and I am not seeing it, please be a little more specific.

Well, I figured it out, the page of the FAQ paul was revering to was:

The only thing i had to do was rename:

Hi People Need help!
I also have the same failure output! I already tried the steps on and changed the limits.conf in the way described. Still i have the same failure! Please help because I wanna do a recording session, with this beloved cool DAW.
MY system: Opensuse 13.1 64 bit

if you cant start jack with realtime your not part of the audio group. theres plenty of info on how to add users to the audio group. google is your friend

Thanks alot but i am already in the audio group … i also did the how to add audio to rtprio 99 and memlock unlimited to he limits.conf but it didn´t help :wink: So, that is all i could find on google, it seems, that there is still something missing to get realtime permission … So some other suggestions would be helpful! Thx

i made the workaround like it is said on
benji@linux-hy7i:~> groups
users audio rtkit realtime

Okay interestingly i installed the old version of Ardour (2.8.13), which is working without problems (Still there comes a message, saying, that Ardour does not have unlimited permission to the memory, but everything seems to work fine). So i guess there is some bug in the Ardour 3.5.74 version, which is preventing Ardour to start, still it is the same failure message as given by drmccoy20. Some ideas?

what distro are you using, and are you using a low latency or Real time kernel?

I´m using Opensuse 13.1 and Kernel 3.11.6-4-desktop …

Then maybe its your kernel thats stopping ardour from starting,

All i can suggest apart from getting a low latency kernel is to start jack first and then start ardour. Maybe ardour 3 is set to start jack with realtime option.

Open up qjackctrl and uncheck realtime, though i suggest tryuing to get a realtime kernel otherwise you wont be able to run with lower latencys.

Interesting … Actually starting jackd without Realtime did work. Strange because in Ardour2 i never encountered any compareable problem – sofar everything worked fine, also with realtime! Any workarounds or suggestions?

Thanks veda_sticks!

I forgot to mention, that there is just one strange thing too: When i start jack with realtime support, then ardour3 does not work. So it is just working with jack without realtime! Might this be because of the kernel? Or is it a ardou3 problem?

See the FAQ at specifically the section on Linux realtime configuration.

Now I too have this problem – I’m using Ardour 3.5.308~dfsg-1 from the Ubuntu repo in Ubuntu 14.04.

-The realtime configuration is correct, I’ve quadruple-checked it. Not up for discussion.
-It does not work, either, when I start JACK and Ardour as root. Same error.
-libcgroup is not installed
-…and every other software works correctly – I just tested Yoshimi and jack_rack. Only Ardour doesn’t work. (I should have done this before…)
-This is the same setup that was working well a week ago, the only difference is that I updated it to Ubuntu 14.04

So it is definitely a configuration or packaging problem related to Ardour and not a general problem of the system.

I have not seen this problem… However, have you guys considered using jack in dbus mode… It does mean starting jack with a different method… (I use ladishd and the associated tools… but from looking about if you are running the kxstudio tools, either in arch or kxstudio/ubuntu itself then there are even nicer tools. - If I were on an ubuntu variant, I’d be looking at sticking with the LTS versions…

We’re already using jackdbus.

Unless there is a specific need to upgrade (unlikely) stick with Ubuntu LTS versions (specifically in this case 12.04 LTS)
from the Ubuntu site: “…It has continuous hardware support improvements as well as guaranteed security and support updates until April 2017…”

I’ve found that lots of things tend to get broken in between LTS releases.