Ardour and the Opus audio format

Most of the audio material I work with is using the relatively new Opus format. It provides pretty good quality at small file size. Opus is used by YouTube as default audio streaming codec, for example.
I noticed that importing .opus files in Ardour does not work. Would it be possible to add import/export support for this format?

I would like to see OPus also. Has some good features like no limit recording , meta data, large chose of
frequency’s ,etc hope it happens. You can access the source code and add it yourself, you might find
people to help work on it. You can install Opus and use the command line tools to go from Opus to Wave
wave to OPus.

Ardour uses libsndfile for all file I/O. When libsndfile is built with opus support (which is possible since April 2020 Adding Opus audio in libsndfile ? · Issue #364 · libsndfile/libsndfile · GitHub) this already works.

The only change to be made in Ardour are some dedicated export formats.

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Oh, interesting. Do the official builds already include opus support then?

No, for various reasons we cannot currently ship a recent version of libsndfile. Notably Error parsing/loading .wav files recorded with a Zoom R8 · Issue #374 · libsndfile/libsndfile · GitHub for which binaries from have a custom workaround.

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I just compiled a current version of libsndfile with opus support. When building Ardour, how can I define to use the custom libsndfile rather than the system-provided one?

I know the docs say you usually don’t want to help with building, but I’d be really glad for a small hint :slight_smile:

You can probably use LD_LIBRARY_PATH and point it to the install location of your own build of libsndfile.

Then in the Import dialog pick “All files” from the dropdown.

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Many thanks, that worked! Now I can really start using ardour :wink:

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