Ardour 8.4 released

None of that has anything to do with Wayland or a newer version of GTK.

4k ? Still two windows not exactly the same thing. Mixer strip should scale on multi row…

I have an ultrawide monitor, 3440x1440

You asked for mixer on the left I give you mixer on the left :slight_smile:

Now you’re moving the goal posts :stuck_out_tongue:


Please see

… and then please move on to discussing the 8.4 release on this topic (which has nothing to do with Wayland or GTK or QT or screen scaling)


Works Great! Thank you!

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Congrats on internalizing GTK2 and resolving (hopefully) any future GTK2 problems! I wondered how you would resolve that issue! Some may not understand the significance of this change, but this change alone justifies the upgrade! Great job, guys! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t3:

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Just would like to say thank you for all the effort and dedication.
I’m very happy with this DAW.


Import crashes Ardour after installing 8.4. i tried rebooting. i am running Ubuntu Studio

I’ve got bigger type on mixer strip and header buttons, automation sliders, recent file list, various other lists, group labels… There is no option to change this in the preferences, (where preferences page list and selection buttons are also affected). I’m using the Arch build.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, or is it a reportable bug?

Not reportable at until you try out a build from … there is a free/demo one always available.

It might be worth clarifying if you mean the new AAF import or some other import…

Does import crash when you show the file dialog?

yes it crashes with the file dialog

yes when I open the file dialog (Session → Import → file dialog opens for a second) then Ardour shuts down

Session – > Import – file dialog opens for a moment then ardour crashes.
It was working prior to 8.4
note i can drag audio files (wav, mp3 onto a track still so …)

I’m having an issue since I upgraded to 8.4 running on Ubuntu Studio 22.04 and Plasma KDE 5.24.7. Plug-in’s GUI doesn’t open when I double click on them in mixer window. If I downgrade again to Ardour 8.2, it gets fixed. Does anybody have this same issue?

Thank you Paul & Co for your effort and dedication. I enjoy using Ardour very much.
Best regards,

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Which plugins?

If this is about Calf, see Ardour 8.4 Calf plugins [ERROR]: failed to instantiate LV2 GUI

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Yes, it is! Thank you very much

Custom RPM built on Fedora39 installs and seems to work fine.
Just needed a couple of updates to the spec file to incorporate ytk.
Good job!

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