Ardour 7 German Translation (solved)

German translation works just fine for me with the official bundle…

There’s an option whether to actually use translation, in Preferences->Appearance->Translations
(or similar, I’m re-translating from german :wink:)

EDIT: Ah you compiled yourself, but did you also install to your system, or run via gtk2_ardour/ardev?
It won’t pick up any translation unless being installed to some system path like /usr/local…

Hmm… I installed to my system. I found it in: /usr/local/bin/ardour7; /usr/local/etc/ardour7; /usr/local/lib/ardour7;

On 6.9 was working. I don´t know…

As I wrote in another thread, same with me, no german language.
I installed it into /opt/Ardour-7.0 (so it doesn’t mix up in any way with Ardour 6.9, which is installed in /usr/local/ardour-6.9

Best regards

PS.: “Preferences->Appearance->Translations” use translations is set

I think I found the error. ./waf i18n_mo throws an error on gtk2_ardour/po/de.po and fails to compile the .mo file.
As a workaround you can open de.po in a text editor, locate line 2980 and you’ll see 2 times double backlashes. Remove one of them, so that the line reads

"Konnte Projekt in \"%1\" nicht erzeugen.\n"

This should fix .mo compilation and install.
Sorry for that, I have no idea how or when this crept in and why I (as german translator) didn’t realize earlier. I’ll care to get this fix upstream as soon as possible.

Yess, after editing de.po and
“./waf i18n && sudo ./waf install”
german language is activated.

Best regards Harry

Hmm… It did’t worked for me. It’s the line 2981 not 2980 or? I deleted 2 backslashes then i saved and did: 1) ./waf configure -optimize
2) ./waf i18n_mo

then i got errros (screenshot)

Hm I cannot reproduce this. But meanwhile the fix is on github, so just updating your sources to current and recompile without my modification should do it - I think I recompiled twice or three times from ground up yesterday for a different reason, and had no issues anymore.

Also may I ask why you run i18n_mo at all? As an end user you aren’t expected to do that, the translation files are generated automatically, during a normal ./waf build run.

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Perfect. Thanks for help!

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