Ardour 7.3 released

We’re happy to be back on our planned bi-monthly release schedule, this time with 7.3 which brings VST3 multi-bus support, searchable preferences and sample rate independence as notable new features plus dozens of important crash and workflow fixes.

See the full release notes for more information, and download as usual from Download Ardour | Ardour Community


when doing a virus scan of the program it showed a notification, is it mis flagged.

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also I’ve been having issues with blurry text here on Mac OS. its not as sharp as older versions, its the same with mixes 8.2 as well

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We will not cooperate with “anti-virus” companies, based on past experiences with these organizations.

If they “mis-flag” Ardour, so be it (unless a user or the user community wants to take it up with them).

If you’re going to post such things, it would be helpful to indicate what “anti-virus” software you are actually using.


Nice. Gz.

Sample-rate Independence

Is this like in Reaper a backgroud/realtime resample for playback? This would be awesome. Can’t wait to try.

Is there any chance to implement Cockos’ JSFX into Ardour? I don’t know if this is FOSS. But I hope asking is allowed, even if not.

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It was a website called VirusTotal

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Yes JSFX would be nice.

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Sample-rate Independence is a very welcome addition, thanks :slight_smile:


Congrats on the new release!
woo-hoo! :slight_smile:
preference search = awesome idea! since there are many options to configure

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With YSFX (GitHub - jpcima/ysfx: Hosting library for JSFX) you can load JSFX plugins in any DAW.

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Where? On the editor timeline?
What setting do you use in Preferences > Appearance > Render Canvas on openGL texture?

Please file a bug report and also include information about your system (display that you use, display resolution, version of macOS, etc).

I had issues using it, it doesn’t seem to load some of my plugins with gui at all,‘plus It would be nice for a native solution. I don’t like to open plugins inside a plugin.

I tried with all settings it’s the same, I have this issue with mixbus as well, same thing. It’s like the overall program has less resolution on most text, which affects all buttons in mixer and editor icons and plugin strip names, and even with mixbus the mixer looks less sharp

It may be hard to see on here but if you open the image and click side by side you can see one of them is more blurry and the other is sharp, that’s what I experience.

Sorry, when I said bug report I meant – not here.

Right I know but I still thought it would be nice to share since we were talking about it

Yes, I can well understand that. I use it mainly for Geraint’s Spectrum Matcher and it works great (except that the dry/wet setting is not saved in the project - for whatever reason).

“Anti-Virus” is the textbook case of a cure that has become worse than the desease. Basically obsolete but still hard to get rid of, mostly because “you never know”. The fact that you really never know aka intransparence is what is keeping AV alive.

“Anti-Virus” and “bath salts abuse” go together, hand in hand, like blasting caps and C4.