Ardour 7.1 has been released

Look here, I’ve made a report earlier, I think it’s related to yours:
It’s not so important to draw any note in the region. I think the problem is about the MIDI regions snapping. But anyway, as I understand - the MIDI quantize&snap problem is very not trivial task. Few years devs were made a core rebuilding in this area. May be a further polishing could become not simple.


I’ve made a little “somersault” and “fed” all aliases from “theme:bg” color to “widget:gray” color(which I’ve made the same like “theme:bg” preliminarily). Now you can control the clip area through the “theme:bg” palette color, not touching any other part of Ardour’s GUI.
ardour_theming_questions/my-blueberry_milk-ardour.colors at master · cooltehno/ardour_theming_questions · GitHub

It is a temporary solution and you can download “my-blueberry_milk-ardour.colors” file from GitHub link (click right mouse button on the “Raw” and choose “Save Link As”). Than put the “my-blueberry_milk-ardour.colors” file into the folder $HOME/.config/ardour7. Restart Ardour or choose any different theme and choose the Blueberry back.
This theme correction lets make a dark clip area and a light text, but the reversed version (light area+dark text) - is not possible yet. Need to wait for some development by my bug report.

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Is it possible to move the tacks in the Cue window?

Sorry, I’ve just noticed your question. Could you please elaborate?

This is probably covered in the docs, but is it possible (and safe) to install 7.1 alongside an older version, without breaking the older version?

I’d really like to try 7.x, but since I have an older version running well (using a firewire presonus firepod), I’m hesitant to sneeze near the system, much less install anything new on it.

Yes, the installer asks if you want to remove the older version(s), so be sure to answer that you do NOT want to remove the older version, and they you can have both. I currently have 6.9 and 7.1 installed on both my Windows laptop and my Linux desktop machines, works fine to switch back and forth between the two versions.
You can continue to work on older projects with older Ardour, and experiment with new Ardour for new projects. If you open a project which was created with Ardour 6.x within Ardour 7.x, Ardour will make a backup project file ending with -6000.ardour in the name (a normal ardour project file ends with .ardour but does not have any version numbering added).

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Is there a possibility to move the tracks in the Cue-Window? Like “grab and move sideways” to sort them after creating them.

Yes, you can do that by selecting the interesting track and then on menu bar choose Track → Move Selection Up/Down. Default shortcuts to this action are Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down

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