Ardour 7.1 has been released

Look here, I’ve made a report earlier, I think it’s related to yours:
It’s not so important to draw any note in the region. I think the problem is about the MIDI regions snapping. But anyway, as I understand - the MIDI quantize&snap problem is very not trivial task. Few years devs were made a core rebuilding in this area. May be a further polishing could become not simple.


I’ve made a little “somersault” and “fed” all aliases from “theme:bg” color to “widget:gray” color(which I’ve made the same like “theme:bg” preliminarily). Now you can control the clip area through the “theme:bg” palette color, not touching any other part of Ardour’s GUI.

It is a temporary solution and you can download “my-blueberry_milk-ardour.colors” file from GitHub link (click right mouse button on the “Raw” and choose “Save Link As”). Than put the “my-blueberry_milk-ardour.colors” file into the folder $HOME/.config/ardour7. Restart Ardour or choose any different theme and choose the Blueberry back.
This theme correction lets make a dark clip area and a light text, but the reversed version (light area+dark text) - is not possible yet. Need to wait for some development by my bug report.

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Is it possible to move the tacks in the Cue window?