Ardour 7.1 has been released

a little over 2 weeks since the release of Ardour 7.0, we’re back with a mostly-bug-fix release driven by the excellent testing and reporting of some intrepid users. Somewhat embarrassingly, there were a lot of serious bugs in our much-touted new time representation system, most of which we have now fixed. This was particularly obvious in sessions involving multiple tempos, something sadly diminished in the present era :grinning: We deeply appreciate the feedback, and have worked hard to fix as many of the reports as we could. Some of the fixes are extremely important, and we felt it was right to get a new release out as soon as possible. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to work on bug fixes but hopefully shift some attention back towards new features and design/workflow improvements.

Full details on the What’s New page, and as usual download from Download Ardour | Ardour Community

If you’d like to quickly catch up on what was introduced in the 7.0 release, this video may help


This is so powerful!! Thank you people! Fully featured DAW! :hotsprings:


How cool is that video!?
Thanks a lot for the hard work in Ardour 7.1 and the professional way to learn about “what’s new” in this release. I might just forward this video to a couple of friends.


Yes, neat video!:.) informative

Thanks, the issues I had with Midi drawing/editing in 7.0.0 seem to be gone.


Very nice video, I actually learned about a few very useful features I overlooked. Thanks for the bug fixes, gonna try it out now !

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Send/Return UI Update: The dialog now has gain and panning control, polarity control, and allows customizing latency.

This is really cool. Phase inversion on send/return can save a lot of steps for certain types of processing.

Re the Demo video, the enhancement on that computer-generated female vocal is like a hacksaw to the ears. Sounds like the broadcast enhancer on a certain mainstream news channel. Unlistenable. I had to abort playback.

It is a real person speaking, she’s a singer as well, and won’t be happy now.

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Great to see this quick bug fix release!

I still wish some repo release (like flathub), that I can update Ardour with all other programs at once. (Yeah, I know why you decline this)

If that’s a human voice, somebody did a really good job of making it sound like it’s not.

I’m really enjoying v7. Thanks for all the hard work. Also, the “What’s New” video is great.

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Seems like a one-off opinion about the voiceover so far. But I’ve been considering adding subtitles. Might come in handy.


Ardour 7.1 is already on flathub. Getting arbitrary plugins to work for a flatpak build though… Not the kind of experience I would wish for anybody.

Oh C’mon!

With how good voice synthesis has gotten I also wondered if I was listening to a sophisticated text-to-speech simulation but there is certainly nothing abrasively offputting about it, I was quite impressed with the professional delivery of the information. In the end it was an actual person and you’ve made yourself look like a jerk, do you resent your GPS too…? :laughing:


This is becoming slightly off-topic, but do you have much hands-on experience with that? Maybe I am missing something? Voice synthesis was the first thing I tried after realizing my heavy accent would be off-putting. Tried much praised Murf, and a few other big ones. None of them sounded realistic.

Hi @prokoudine

With my mellifluous FM Radio voice and perfect diction (not!) I haven’t personally used text-to-speech software. Actually my comments were more informed by some of the posts of music on the Linuxmusicians forum which are using synthesized vocalists In Synthesizer V studio Pro:

Perhaps you can sing your next English tutorial…? :wink:

nah, we’ll get famous Ardour user “Asahi Lina” to do it. :ideograph_advantage:

Thank you. I have to try it more. Looks like my compositions will now be better than 10 percent :slight_smile: Cue didnt work in my 7.0 what its no problem for me because I will not use it. After instaling 7.0 I had problems with my 6.8 and 5.12. There are so many good things in 7.1…Thank you.

Frankly, I don’t mind being a jerk. I mind ripping off my headphones 2 mins into a video I wanted to watch because “Broadcast News Enhancer” make hulk smash.

I listen to a lot of stuff with harsh vocals and harsh guitar tones. That processing was OTT for me. If you don’t hear it, you may want to get checked for hearing loss in the high end.