Ardour 7.1 has been released

You can still do as I did and enjoy (or at least be able to view the clip without damaging expensive audio equipment) the show, download the mp4 then quickly process it:
ffmpeg -vn -i What_s_New_in_Ardour_7.0_ovqWUnFRXfI_.mp4 -vn -acodec pcm_s16le -y boppitybop.wav ; sox boppitybop.wav boppitybop.ogg pitch -400 ; mkvmerge -o boppitybop.mkv -A DL/What_s_New_in_Ardour_7.0_ovqWUnFRXfI_.mp4 boppitybop.ogg ; rm boppitybop.wav boppitybop.ogg

(in this example the tamed clip to view is named boppitybop.mkv)

Thanks for the bug fixes :pray: I really enjoyed the informational video, great work!


Is there a way to record clips into the cue window slots?

edit: Just read it in the release notes. nevermind. Just think about a +1. :smiley:

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If that’s all it took to rip off your headphones, maybe you’re the one that should get their hearing checked, I mean you couldn’t even tell the difference between a computer voice and a human voice :joy:


Just downloaded the demo, just love it ! The clip launcher page is amazing. Just an “issue” : i can’t find the way to map my midi controler to launch clips, using the “midi learn” fonction.When i do the “CTRL+middle click” on the “play” button of a clip, the “operate control now” window doesn’t appear. So i can’t use my AKAI MPD18 to launch my clips. Is it normal ?

New version and same problem. I tried to copy one quarter note C3 in a four bar region several times. Unfortunately, the program once again does not copy correctly. The origins of the copied regions start moving to the left. Therefore, I have a question. When will Ardour be ready for professional midi production?

I would guess that you do not consider your final sentence/question as inflammatorynor needlessly provocative.

Unfortunately i do.

Nonody knows when ardour will “be ready for professional midi production”, partly becsuse nobody can define what that means.

It is likely to happen sooner if you assumed good faith on our part and rather than the process as one takes place in a vacuum and then the software is finally ready for you, recognize that it is an iterative process that benefits from your participation.

Do you imagine that nobody has ever tried tge operation you’ve described before? No question thaf the behaviour is wrong, but it is not always wrong and/or has not always been wrong. The task is to figure out precisely when it breaks, and ensuring that is bug report is filed.

The open source process requires a different stance from users; the goal is still making excellent software, but that generally requires your active involvement. Most (not all) bugs are nor trivially reproducible by arbitrary users (or developers)


I’ve just uploaded English (USA) subtitles btw. and will do so for every new video going forward.


What’s the difference between ripple modes “selected” and “interview”, if both ripple the selected tracks?

From Ardour 7.0 - What's new

  • Ripple Selected
    In this mode, after deleting a region or time range, all selected tracks will ripple.
  • Ripple All
    In this mode, all tracks will ripple in response to range deletion
  • Interview
    In this mode, rippling will only occur if more than one track is selected. Otherwise, we assume you are just removing incidental noise like “uhm” and “ah” from one track. You can just move the mouse down when selecting to apply the edit to both/all tracks. This is particularly useful when editing 1-on-1 interviews/discussions for podcasts, etc.

As opposed to Ripple Selected, In interview mode, single selection does not ripple.


Ahhh, I missed the “if more than”. Ty! :slight_smile:

How can I change the font color of the clip loops? I sometimes use a light theme (blueberry milk) and gray on an even ligher gray is hard to read) – but I can’t find the theming option for it.

@cooltehno is this ^^^ something you think you could improve? :slight_smile:

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@prokoudine Hi! What do you mean?

That doesn’t at all sound computer generated, but rather like a person with an excellent command of the English language :woman_teacher:, and public speaking, that can articulate every word precisely so there should be no misunderstanding. :face_with_monocle:

Computer generated voices tend to mispronounce some words or pronounce them oddly :roll_eyes:, often use many short sentences, rather than few coherant compound ones…

It also sounds like it’s well recorded (Telefunkin U47? :studio_microphone:) and well produced. Ardour? :thinking: :rofl:


Please see the comment by @sonnie above about the legibility of the blueberry milk theme. I think he has a point there.

Aa! :slight_smile: I see. I didn’t learn clip launching much yet (not my workflow), but I’ll look! Thanks!

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I do have my own proprietary corner of shame. But in this instance, there are just two non-free parts of that session in Ardour: AVA Vocal Intensity Processor (applied sparingly) and XT-DC De-Esser, both from our friends over at Harrison. But I’m going to look into the de-esser from airwindows and I can probably make a good use of the multi-band compressor in LSP. That is, when I have the time.

The rest is LSP Dynamic Processor with the voiceover track feeding its sidechain, and the Dragonfly Room Reverb applied t the voiceover track even more sparingly.

The video part is OBS for screen capturing, Inkscape, GIMP, and Olive.

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I’ve checked - unfortunately we have no possibilities to resolve the quest through the Ardour’s theme color tool. I’ve made a bug-tracker issue:
In simple words - there are not enough separate Items for the mentioned text or area. Currently we can change the area to the dark color - but this involves all the main parts of the program appearance (whole theme becomes dark :new_moon:)


Sorry Paul. I have a problem with copying for years. I also reported it on bugtracker. I raported this bug 0009105: Dosn't copy one quarter note C3 in a four bar region - several times - MantisBT