Ardour 7.0 arm64 crashes on Mac Mini M1

Starting a new session, or opening an old one (6.9) cause crash every time on my machine. I tried it with “Safe Mode: Disable all plugins” too, there is no difference. Could you please check it?

Don’t own a mac and not involved on development, but I stumbled on Ardour 7.0 crashes on Mac book air, maybe you’ll find some insight there?

Nothing particularly revealing there. This is likely a system-specific error (i.e. it does not happen on every Mac Mini M1). Will be hard to debug as-is.

Do you have access to our nightly builds (i…e are a subscriber or paid $45 or more for the download) ?

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried to grant ‘Full Disk Access’, but it didn’t help. It seems I have to try the other proposal, the complete update, but it will take more time. (from version 11.7 to 12.6)

No, I have no access to nightly builds. I can use only the free/debug versions from there, but for testing I think it will be enough. I downloaded Ardour-7.0.64-arm64.dmg, but the symptom is the same with it.

It seems upgrading the OS from 11.7 to 12.6 solved the problem.

I wondered about that.

We do build Ardour on Big Sur (11.7) and set flags for the application to work on 11.0 or later.
There are now at least 3 reports that it fails to run on BigSur.

I cannot test this myself, but we did however provide builds long before Monterey was released and it was known to work there. It’s a mystery. The crash report is also seemingly unrelated to any mac compatibility.

Anyway glad to know that it works on 12.6!

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